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Partner case study: BlueTuskr

Buy with Prime Partner helps SNAP Mounts boost its omnichannel strategy—with impressive results.

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When Andrew Maffettone started his marketing agency, BlueTuskr, in January 2020, he already knew how to help Amazon sellers with their omnichannel strategies. But what he didn’t know was that two months later, businesses would need to double down on ecommerce in particular, or risk going under amid the COVID-19 pandemic that would push online shopping to new heights.

“We didn’t have to pivot that much because we were already helping ecommerce businesses and doing so much Amazon-related work,” Andrew explains. “Our approach became, ‘We can help you with your Amazon business, but we’re also going to help you grow off of Amazon to diversify your business and build your brand.’”

BlueTuskr offers comprehensive, end-to-end marketing services for ecommerce businesses, and helps them grow their businesses on Amazon and beyond. BlueTuskr also helps clients explore other channels and improve their shoppers’ experience, including using Buy with Prime to offer a Prime shopping experience directly on their sites.

So far, Andrew is happy with the results Buy with Prime is bringing his clients. “Buy with Prime has shown real promise for many of the sellers that we work with,” he says. “The trust consumers have in Amazon allows our clients to leverage that brand awareness and effectively convert customers much more easily.”

Many of those clients have seen shopper conversion rate increases after adding Buy with Prime to their ecommerce sites. SNAP Mounts in particular has seen increases across many performance metrics after only one month. The innovative GoPro camera mount maker has seen a 60.3% increase in shopper conversion and a 73.1% increase in total site revenue, as well as boosts in orders and average order value.

The balance between DTC and

From his work at a previous agency and with BlueTuskr, Andrew had his thumb on the pulse of online shopping behavior and could see how fluid the journey was between direct-to-consumer (DTC) sites and In fact, 2023 research shows that 57% of shoppers start their search on Amazon, while others start on brands’ sites and then ultimately go to to compare prices, read Amazon reviews, and ultimately make the purchase.

“We knew the customer was going to Amazon anyway, so we helped them with that journey,” he says. “If they’re leaving the site to ultimately shop on Amazon, then let’s reduce the number of clicks for them.” As part of its strategy, the BlueTuskr team created online ads and buttons on clients’ brand sites that would link directly to their product listings on to improve and shorten the shopping journey.

So when Buy with Prime came out as a new checkout option that bridges the DTC-and-Amazon shopping experience, Andrew and the team were elated. Buy with Prime gave BlueTuskr’s clients a way to offer their site visitors a shopping experience that they wanted from Amazon, but without having to leave the brands’ sites. This meant even fewer clicks in the shopper journey.

Given Andrew’s long-standing work with Amazon sellers, he already saw how Amazon Pay helped merchants boost conversions directly on their sites. And now he’s seeing Buy with Prime do the same thing. Some merchants are even seeing increases in new customers, total site orders, and total revenue.

Buy with Prime to enhance the shopper experience

The BlueTuskr team was already focused on making the shopper journey easier on its clients’ sites, so Buy with Prime takes that one step further, improving the path to purchase and giving shoppers an experience that they love and trust.

Andrew sees that trust piece as a significant benefit for ecommerce businesses. “They benefit from the added brand awareness of Prime,” he says, emphasizing the role trust plays for new-to-brand shoppers. “For those new shoppers who aren’t familiar with a company and might be hesitant to shop at its site, seeing the familiar Prime logo gives them more confidence.”

The other piece Andrew is excited about is the fact that merchants get to keep their customer and order information for Buy with Prime orders. Merchants can use this information to not only manage Buy with Prime orders and returns easily, but also gather valuable insights that can inform business decisions and marketing strategies. For merchants that use the Buy with Prime app for Shopify or Buy with Prime for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, they can manage this data alongside all of their other orders in their store dashboard. Buy with Prime is also compatible with marketing apps like Klaviyo and Yotpo.

“From a marketing perspective, getting to use that data is huge and has allowed us to implement a lot of strategies for merchants,” Andrew says. “Leveraging the data allows us to segment and create specific marketing strategies for different audiences, or for Buy with Prime-specific sales or product launches, for example.”

SNAP Mounts gets a boost in credibility

SNAP Mounts is one of those merchants seeing success across many performance metrics. In addition to the increased conversions and revenue, the company saw a 59.5% increase in site orders after adding Buy with Prime to its site.

BlueTuskr recommended Buy with Prime to help SNAP Mounts in a few areas. Because it has a niche product that’s used in diverse ways, the small ecommerce business struggled to forecast and manage demand and inventory. This created internal fulfillment issues and risked impacting the customer experience.

At the same time, it also wanted to generate more brand awareness and credibility to drive conversions, but without further impacting fulfillment operations or the customer experience.

Buy with Prime allowed SNAP Mounts to tap into the trust of Prime to help build credibility with new and existing customers and offer an easy, familiar checkout. Prime members visiting can check out using the payment and shipping details in their Amazon accounts and get their Buy with Prime orders shipped as fast as one day.

“Improving the shopper experience and boosting trust was a critical aspect of SNAP Mounts’ consideration for implementing Buy with Prime,” Andrew explains. “The solution provided accessibility and trustworthiness to the user by leveraging a household name that customers rely on.”

Because SNAP Mounts was using Buy with Prime cart, which lets Prime members purchase multiple products that offer Buy with Prime in one transaction, it saw an 8.6% increase in average order value.

Product detail page and open cart on SNAP Mounts website

SNAP Mounts streamlines fulfillment

BlueTuskr also helped SNAP Mounts set up Reviews from Amazon on its Buy with Prime product listings. The feature, which is available exclusively to Buy with Prime merchants, displays the company’s authentic Amazon reviews directly on its ecommerce site. Shoppers get the social proof and additional product information that they seek without having to leave—one more way BlueTuskr can help its clients streamline and shorten the shopping journey.

Reviews from Amazon has greatly benefited SNAP Mounts,” Andrew says. “It provides visibility into a wide range of authentic customer feedback to help convert shoppers still in the discovery phase of their purchasing journey.”

On the business side, Buy with Prime is helping the company address its struggles managing demand and fulfillment. Because SNAP Mounts is also an seller, its Buy with Prime orders are fulfilled from the same pool of inventory. This creates flexibility across orders coming in from both channels and gives a more comprehensive view of demand for the brand’s GoPro mounts and accessories.

And because Amazon is handling the storage, picking, packing, and shipping for Buy with Prime and orders, the SNAP Mounts team can focus its resources on other areas of the business.

Although the BlueTuskr team is especially excited about the SNAP Mounts success story, many of its clients are seeing success with Buy with Prime. Since becoming a Buy with Prime Partner, the team has added another valuable tool to its collection to help brands with their omnichannel strategies.

Andrew says, “Buy with Prime really lets our clients implement a true omnichannel retail strategy that’s working fantastically.”

Lindsay Holloway