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What the C-suite should know about Buy with Prime

Insights from agency executives on how Buy with Prime helps drive ecommerce growth.


When you’re leading multiple teams from the C-level, every decision that you make has the potential to have an oversized impact on your business. Ecommerce executives need to solve for a seemingly infinite number of issues, from acquiring new customers and growing brand loyalty to simplifying logistics and streamlining operations.

Buy with Prime is helping C-level leaders in all of those areas, and more. To give you a sense of the pivotal role Buy with Prime can play in a business’s success, take a look at the results from brands that are already offering a Prime shopping experience on their ecommerce sites:

  • 25%: Merchants experienced an average 25% increase in shopper conversion with Buy with Prime.*
  • 75%: Merchants saw that, on average, 3 out of every 4 Buy with Prime orders were from new shoppers.**
  • 38%: When merchants add Reviews from Amazon to their site, they have experienced a +38% increase in shopper conversion, on average.***

All Buy with Prime orders are fulfilled by Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). MCF boasts a 97% on-time delivery rate, getting goods to customers with an average of 1.9 days from click-to-door (source NielsenIQ). Together, Buy with Prime and MCF offer businesses a chance to convert more shoppers with Prime shopping benefits and the world’s fastest fulfillment services.

Beyond the data it’s helpful to hear about the value of Buy with Prime directly from executives with a front-row view to what Buy with Prime can do for ecommerce businesses.

We gathered insights from four executives at Buy with Prime Partner agencies: Andrew Maffettone from BlueTuskr, Ben Otfinoski from Sentic, Jamie Vann from Slalom, and Leonardo Barros from Solved Puzzle Agency. They weigh in on some of the biggest concerns facing ecommerce businesses today, including driving sales, acquiring new customers and keeping existing ones, and best practices for growing a brand.

In this article, we highlight insights from the executives about:

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Techniques to help increase sales

Sales drivers: Ecommerce conversion rate

It’s an eternal struggle to increase the rate at which people actually buy on your website, and that can really be where it all breaks down for a lot of brands. Adopting Buy with Prime is simply a very cost-effective, quick way that can improve the shopper conversion rate on your website, without a lot of the elbow grease that’s usually required. That in itself is incredibly valuable. —Ben Otfinoski, CEO, Sentic

Sales drivers: Conversion rate optimization

Buy with Prime has shown some real promise for many of the brands we work with who have implemented it. We’ve seen shopper conversion rate increases, naturally from the addition of the Buy with Prime button but also from bringing everything in one place. You get the added trust of Prime, fast delivery, easy returns, all the extra bells and whistles like integrations with Klaviyo and others. And you can—and should—easily A/B test it to see your exact conversion rate uplift. —Andrew Maffettone, CEO and Founder, BlueTuskr

Sales drivers: Conversion strategy

So much money gets spent on optimizing websites for conversion and earning even one point on conversion is a really big deal. The cost is so low to participate, and Buy with Prime has a vested interest in the success of your ecommerce website. —Ben

Boost conversions with Buy with Prime

Ways to gain a competitive advantage

Competitive advantage: Customer relationships and brand experience

Engaging with and nurturing customer relationships depends on understanding your customers—who they are, what matters to them, and how they want to engage with you. With Buy with Prime you own your order data, which allows you to make informed, data-driven business decisions. From pricing and promotions to advertising, merchandising, and marketing spend, it gives you the opportunity to create customer-first, personalized experiences across various touchpoints—and is the biggest competitive advantage. —Jamie Vann, Senior Principal, Slalom

Competitive advantage: Customer experience and checkout

With Buy with Prime, there are a lot of benefits for brands, including efficiency and speed of your ecommerce checkout process. You can provide those benefits without having to deal with all the hassle. [A/B testing for Buy with Prime has shown that] when two product pages are selling the same blanket at the same price point, the one that offers Buy with Prime has an automatic competitive advantage—a checkout page with a seamless process and a better customer experience. —Ben

Tactics to engage, attract, and retain shoppers

Customer strategy: Customer acquisition cost

Not only can Buy with Prime help accelerate the growth of your ecommerce business through increased sales and shopper conversion, but it can also help expand customer reach. Buy with Prime allows retailers to tap into new customer segments and demographics and leverage the trust that comes with Prime, ultimately lowering the cost to acquire new customers. —Jamie

Customer strategy: Brand equity

The brand equity that Buy with Prime provides to ecommerce brands, including larger enterprise brands and $50M–$100M companies, comes from a connection with Amazon that really builds that trust factor with customers. —Ben

Customer strategy: Omnichannel retail

For ecommerce players looking to grow their direct-to-consumer business or shift their focus away from brick-and-mortar and toward digital channels and omnichannel retail customer experiences, Buy with Prime can help accelerate growth by attracting new customers and engaging Prime members to expand customer reach and by removing friction in the path to purchase. —Jamie

Customer strategy: Trust across sales channels

For those new customers who may be hesitant to shop with a new brand, the trust consumers have in Amazon allows our clients to leverage that brand awareness and effectively convert new customers much more easily. All-in-all, Buy with Prime really lets our clients implement a true omnichannel retail strategy that is working fantastically. —Andrew

Customer strategy: Marketing

For consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, Buy with Prime is about removing the middleman and taking control of their brand experience. Many of our CPG customers are looking to gain greater insights into consumer behaviors and buying patterns and Buy with Prime helps them get closer to their end customer to nurture direct customer relationships by leveraging shopper data and insights. —Jamie

Customer strategy: Loyalty

Customer loyalty is top of mind for retailers—attracting new customers and cultivating relationships with existing customers—and Buy with Prime is a loyalty engine, allowing retailers to engage Prime members to expand their customer reach and to help drive repeat business. —Jamie

Earn new customers with Buy with Prime

Tips to help boost return on investment

ROI: Cost-effective deployment

In terms of enterprise tech deployment costs, Buy with Prime is on the very low end. Buy with Prime does a really great job of providing brands with the necessary resources to carry as much of that load as possible. There are all kinds of tertiary equations that companies do to map out the costs of a deployment. But if your average order value and conversion rate increase the way they have for some merchants, then there’s potential to see ROI within a matter of months. —Ben

ROI: Scaling and ecommerce growth

For our clients that are looking to launch an ecommerce site for the first time, such as traditional retailers that may have started in the era of brick-and-mortar, Buy with Prime can be deployed fairly quickly. So you can test and learn to scale your business with confidence, without taking on all of the heavy operational lift required to stand up a new channel. That frees you up to focus on what matters to your brand and to your customers—relevant products, an exceptional brand experience, and business growth. Buy with Prime together with MCF takes care of the rest, including delivery, reverse logistics, reconciliation, returns, and customer care. —Jamie

ROI: Cost savings

Every board meeting right now is about lowering costs and maximizing profit. If you’re an executive of an ecommerce company, you care about bottom-line profitability. Margins are already small enough. Together, Buy with Prime and MCF help deliver cost savings, which can help you increase margins, and that’s one of the biggest selling points. With big-ticket items, for example, Buy with Prime makes a lot of sense in terms of lowering costs. —Ben

ROI: Attributions

90% of our business is ecommerce and direct-to-consumer brands, and one of the things we’ve noticed is that adding Buy with Prime can help merchants more accurately attribute conversions in their ad campaigns using conversion tracking tools that are compatible with channels like Meta and Google. —Leonardo Barros, CEO, Solved Puzzle Agency

ROI: Lifetime value

Across our merchants, we’re seeing conversion uplift similar to averages that Buy with Prime is seeing. We’re also seeing businesses saving on customer acquisition costs, with a big portion of new customers checking out with Buy Prime, and that’s huge. The lifetime value that you’re getting from that new customer and the data that you’re able to track from those orders then makes it easier to acquire other new customers by creating look-alike audiences on your advertising platforms. —Ben

ROI: Conversion tracking

When shoppers click on your ads across social media but then order your product on another channel they trust, you don’t really know what happened—and that missing attribution can lead to false positives. By adding Buy with Prime, your customers get the trust of Prime while ordering directly on your ecommerce site. Now you’re better able to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and consolidate the attribution of all your marketing channels through analytics. Having that clear picture of how your campaigns are working with conversion tracking tools available with Buy with Prime can mean fewer false positives, lower customer acquisition costs, and a higher return on your investment. —Leonardo

ROI: Access to Merchant Support

As an executive, having lines of communication into Amazon through the Buy with Prime program is insanely valuable. Buy with Prime is really separating themselves from other companies by providing those lines of communication to solve problems quickly. —Ben

Product strategy power plays

Product strategy: Inventory supply chain

With Buy with Prime, orders are fulfilled by MCF, giving merchants access to the largest fulfillment network in the world. For your brand, it’s an opportunity to optimize delivery routing, improve delivery speed and reliability, and simplify reverse logistics. —Jamie

Product strategy: Avoiding stock-outs

Amazon Retail vendors can transfer inventory that they’ve already sold to Amazon and use it for Buy with Prime orders, so that’s something that can really help with product availability. We talk to a lot of our clients about this when they’re considering Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment—how valuable the delivery and routing optimization is in terms of that seven-days-a-week coverage and getting products to customers quickly. It’s unparalleled and it’s really hard even for traditional retailers that have been around a long time. —Jamie

Buy with Prime keys to success

Keys to success: Go all in

The most successful merchants I’ve seen are the ones who really go all in on Buy with Prime. You have to embrace the program and invest in the user experience on your website, letting customers know it’s available. And the more SKUs you add, the higher the potential for converting your top performing products as well as those you want to sell more of. —Ben

Keys to success: Custom audiences

As you test your top-selling products, you can set up custom audiences to keep attracting more shoppers for other products that you add to your Buy with Prime lineup. If you create custom audiences to go after higher spenders, for example, you can potentially increase your average order value [using Buy with Prime cart] along with your conversions. —Leonardo

Keys to success: A/B testing

Right out of the gate, you want to identify which products across your catalog have the potential to perform the best with Buy with Prime. Higher-priced items that have a significant enough conversion volume are great initial candidates. Then structure landing and category page A/B tests to identify what combinations are driving the most conversion volume. —Ben

From delighting your shoppers to helping you improve your margins and simplifying logistics, Buy with Prime can help you scale and grow your ecommerce business. Learn how Buy with Prime can help fuel your ecommerce growth or contact us to schedule a call.

*This data point measures the average increase in shoppers who placed an order when Buy with Prime was an available purchase option versus when it was not, during the same time period.

**Data is from a sample of 14 merchants with average monthly website traffic between 10K to 1.5M. “New shoppers” means shoppers who had not made a purchase on the merchant’s site since January 1, 2021 and completed a purchase using Buy with Prime.

***Data is from a sample of 8 Buy with Prime merchants with average monthly site traffic between 10K and 1M and compares the number of shoppers who placed an order when Reviews from Amazon was present on a product page versus when it was not, during the same time period.

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