• Buy with Prime information handling FAQ

    • We share Buy with Prime shopper information with you, including name, email address, shipping address, and phone number.  You can use shopper information in any manner as long as it complies with your privacy policy and applicable law. However, you may not share information with any third party that identifies shoppers as Prime members unless it is solely for the purpose of providing a service to you.

    • We store account information you give us when setting up your Buy with Prime account, such as contact details for your account users, product descriptions and content, and inventory and pricing information. We collect and store Buy with Prime order information, including product name, quantity ordered, and returns information.  We also collect and store information about how shoppers engage with Buy with Prime on your site, such as how often shoppers view products offering Buy with Prime and how often they initiate and complete or abandon a purchase through the Buy with Prime checkout.  We do not collect information unrelated to Buy with Prime, such as non-Prime order information on your site.

    • We use information collected to provide and improve Buy with Prime for you and shoppers, including:

      • We use your account information to communicate with you about Buy with Prime, and to recommend other Amazon services that might be of interest to you.
      • We use Buy with Prime order information to process payments, fulfill customer orders, facilitate communication with customers about orders, and to provide returns and refunds.
      • We use inventory and order information to plan for and improve our fulfillment services for users of the Amazon Fulfillment Network, including Buy with Prime merchants, FBA sellers, and Amazon. For example, we use the information to forecast inventory placement in fulfillment locations and make network capacity and expansion decisions in order for the Amazon Fulfillment Network to most efficiently fulfill orders. 
      • We use the information we collect, aggregated across merchants, to understand how Prime members use Buy with Prime and its value as a Prime benefit.  We may also use this information to inform the way we price, promote, and provide our services related to Buy with Prime, such as Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment and the Prime program.
    • Amazon prohibits the use of non-public information received or collected when you use Buy with Prime to make sourcing, inventory level, and pricing decisions for products in our own store, including for offerings of Amazon’s store brand products.  Amazon also prohibits the use of non-public information about products Buy with Prime shoppers purchased or viewed on your site for merchandising or personalization in the Amazon store.    

    For more information, go to FAQ library.

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