• Prerequisites

    To start using Buy with Prime, be sure to have:

    1. A US-based entity. Buy with Prime is currently only available to businesses with a United States-based entity authorized to do business.
    2. An ecommerce site. Buy with Prime can be used with your own ecommerce website. It’s designed to work with most ecommerce providers.
  • Requirements

    If you don’t have the following accounts, you can set them up during Buy with Prime registration:

    1. Professional Seller Central account or an Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment account. Buy with Prime works with one of these accounts to offer 1-2 day shipping and fulfill Buy with Prime orders using a Multi-Channel Fulfillment account. You can sign up for a Multi-Channel Fulfillment account if you don't currently have one.
    2. Amazon Pay account. Buy with Prime uses Amazon Pay to process payments for Buy with Prime orders, verify a shopper's Prime status, and offer shoppers a fast, secure checkout by using information from their Amazon account. You’ll have a chance to register for an Amazon Pay account. You can sign up for an Amazon Pay account if you don't have one.
  • Product considerations

    You may not list any product for sale through Buy with Prime that is restricted by applicable law or the following policies:

    1. FBA product restrictions. This includes Amazon’s restricted products policy. Certain products may be eligible for sale on Amazon, but are not eligible for Fulfillment by Amazon.
    2. Amazon Pay Acceptable Use Policy. Certain items and activities are prohibited because they may be illegal or inappropriate in connection with the use of Amazon Pay services. This applies to any person or entity using the payment service and any transactions that Amazon Pay is asked to process.
    3. Buy with Prime Product Policy. The products you offer through Buy with Prime must exactly match the description, pictures, and all other information on the product detail page of your ecommerce site. You are responsible for reviewing and updating your product descriptions on your ecommerce site to confirm your products are accurately described. Products you submit to Amazon for fulfillment to shoppers must be in the condition described on your product detail page without any damage or defects.


    To learn more, see the Buy with Prime Program Policy.

    Ready to get started?

Frequently asked questions

  • Buy with Prime is designed to work with most ecommerce providers.

  • You do not need to sell on Amazon.com to use Buy with Prime. However, you will need to meet the Buy with Prime program requirements listed above to get started.

  • Yes. You can use Buy with Prime if you are an Amazon vendor by setting up a Multi-Channel Fulfillment account instead of using a Seller Central account. Learn more

  • No. Buy with Prime gives you the freedom to choose how and where to sell your products. You do not need to sell on Amazon.com to use Buy with Prime. Merchants that do sell on Amazon.com are not required to have price and selection parity with their Amazon.com listings.

  • Buy with Prime can serve as a complementary offering to your existing Amazon.com business. By adding Buy with Prime to your ecommerce site, you can offer Prime shopping benefits to Prime members in more places.

  • Seller Central is the portal for navigating your Amazon seller account and selling on Amazon.com. It provides helpful tools and resources for managing sales from one convenient dashboard. Your Seller Central account links Buy with Prime to Amazon’s fulfillment network to provide shoppers on your site with the same Prime delivery experience as Amazon.com.