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  • Quick start guide: Accept payments for Buy with Prime

    To add Buy with Prime to your ecommerce site, you need to accept payments using Amazon Pay

    With Amazon Pay, Prime shoppers can quickly check out using the payment and shipping information in their Amazon account.

    When customer payments are processed by Amazon Pay, your Amazon Pay account is credited.

    You can access your Amazon Pay account on Seller Central to view and pay your balance, link your bank account and credit card, manage disputes, and download reports. Amazon Pay charges applicable transaction processing fees plus tax on Buy with Prime orders. 

    Note: Amazon Pay only accepts orders that are greater than $0 and less than $150,000. 

    To learn more about activating Amazon Pay, go to: Activate Amazon Pay.

  • Getting started: Activate Amazon Pay

    To activate Amazon Pay for Buy with Prime:

    Step 1Open the merchant console.

    Step 2Choose Settings, and then Payments.

    Step 3Under Amazon Pay, choose Activate. 

    Step 4Follow the prompts to connect to Seller Central.

    Step 5After you've linked to Seller Central, complete the remaining registration steps.

    Your Amazon Pay account activates within a few minutes. If it doesn't activate within a business day, reach out to merchant support.

Amazon Pay FAQ

Get answers to common questions about Amazon Pay.
  • Yes. If you already have an Amazon Pay account, you can connect it to Buy with Prime. To learn more, go to: Activate Amazon Pay.

  • Go to: Amazon Pay FAQ.

  • When you deactivate Amazon Pay, Buy with Prime will not be available on your DTC site, and customers won't have access to post-order pages such as order details, shipment tracking, and returns. If you still want to deactivate Amazon Pay, contact merchant support.  

  • Buy with Prime doesn't support recurring payments or subscriptions.

  • No, Amazon gift cards can’t be used to pay for Buy with Prime orders.

  • Your Amazon Pay account can be Inactive for various reasons. If your Amazon Pay account status changes to Inactive, you may have received additional emails with further instructions. You can find a copy of these emails in your performance notifications in your Amazon Pay account. If you didn’t receive any emails about your account status change, or if you have further questions, contact merchant support.


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