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Connect Amazon Pay to Buy with Prime

Link an existing Amazon Pay account

After you’ve entered your business details and linked Amazon Fulfillment services to Buy with Prime, you need to link an existing Amazon Pay account or register for Amazon Pay.

To link an existing Amazon Pay account to Buy with Prime, enter your store name, store URL, and privacy policy URL. Your store name appears when your customers sign in to Amazon Pay and check out using Buy with Prime.

After you’ve entered your information, choose Link Amazon Pay.

To link an existing Amazon Pay account to Buy with Prime, enter your store name, store URL, and privacy policy URL. Then choose Link Amazon Pay.

Register and link a new Amazon Pay account

If you don’t have an existing Amazon Pay account, you need to register for Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay is available for merchants in the US. If registering as an individual, you must be at least 18 years of age and a permanent US resident (which doesn’t include holders of US visas) or a US citizen. If registering on behalf of a business, you must be duly authorized to enter into agreements on behalf of the business and the business entity needs to be authorized to do business in the US and have a US-based street address, a US-based bank account, a credit card associated with a US street address, and a US-based phone number. If you meet the preceding qualifications, you’re all set to register for Amazon Pay. Collect the following information before you start the registration process to be ready to set up your account.

  • Have a US-based phone number for our registration service to contact you.
  • Have a credit card (issued by a US-based bank).
  • Have a checking account for disbursement with a US-based bank (you can set this up after registration).
  • Have your business taxpayer ID, EIN, or personal social security number available for the online tax document interview (you can set this up after registration).
  • Have the website URL where you plan to launch Amazon Pay.

To register for Amazon Pay:

  1. Enter your business details such as business name, business type, business legal name, annual sales volume, and business category. Note: Don’t use special characters in your legal name.
  2. Enter your registered business address.
  3. Enter your tax address.
  4. Enter your business phone number.
  5. Enter your tax ID information and review and e-sign all tax documents.
  6. Select Register for Amazon Pay.
After you enter your business details, click Register for Amazon Pay.

Activate Amazon Pay

To activate Amazon Pay for Buy with Prime:

  1. Open the merchant console.
  2. Choose Settings, and then Payments.
  3. Under Amazon Pay, choose Activate.
  4. Follow the prompts to connect to Seller Central.
  5. After you’ve linked to Seller Central, complete the remaining registration steps.

Your Amazon Pay account activates within a few minutes. If it doesn’t activate within a business day, contact merchant support.

Accept payments for Buy with Prime

To add Buy with Prime to your ecommerce site, you need to accept payments using Amazon Pay.

With Amazon Pay, Prime shoppers can quickly check out using the payment and shipping information in their Amazon account.

When customer payments are processed by Amazon Pay, your Amazon Pay account is credited.

You can access your Amazon Pay account on Seller Central to view and pay your balance, link your bank account and credit card, manage disputes, and download reports. Amazon Pay charges applicable transaction processing fees on Buy with Prime orders. To learn more, go to Buy with Prime and companion service fees.

Note: Amazon Pay only accepts orders that are greater than $0 and less than $150,000.

To learn more about activating Amazon Pay, go to Activate Amazon Pay.

Getting paid for Buy with Prime orders

To receive/accept disbursements from Amazon Pay, you must have the following:

  • A US-based bank account that uses an Automated Clearing House; otherwise, the lack of a deposit method on their account can cause delays in disbursements.
  • A valid credit card number in Seller Central. This is required in order for disbursements to be made to your bank account.
  • Amazon Pay requires a reserve to manage financial liability created from transaction disputes from your customers, including chargebacks and Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee claims. Amazon Pay uses a tiered model to determine the reserve rate that applies to you and calculates your reserve amount based on the Reserve Tier you qualify for. For more information, go to Amazon Pay’s reserve policy.

Amazon Pay processes disbursements daily. It takes between 3 and 5 business days for the payment to be completed and appear in your bank account. A reserve might be applied according to Amazon Pay’s reserve policy.

Map Amazon Pay order IDs to Buy with Prime order IDs

You can map your Amazon Pay Order IDs to your Buy with Prime using your Buy with Prime Order IDs and Amazon Reference IDs. To map your Order IDs:

  1. Open Seller Central.
  2. Choose Amazon Pay Production View.
    To map Amazon Pay order IDs to Buy with Prime order IDs, go to Seller Central and choose Amazon Pay.
  3. Choose Orders, and then Manage Transactions.
    Choose Orders, and then Manage Transactions.
  4. Search using the Amazon Reference ID.
    Search for a transaction using Amazon Reference ID.
  5. Locate the Buy with Prime Order ID in the Seller Order ID column.
    Use the Seller Order ID column to find the Buy with Prime Order ID.
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