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Get the most out of Prime Day

Experts from Buy with Prime and Growth Spark talk through key tips for a successful Prime Day.

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Prime Day is a highly anticipated event for both consumers and the brands trying to reach those consumers. Occurring July 16-17 this year, Prime Day offers a plethora of deals exclusively to Amazon Prime members—both on and on merchants’ ecommerce sites through Buy with Prime. This shopping extravaganza has proven to drive significant traffic and sales for merchants. The special appeal of Prime Day lies in the combination of limited-time offers and the trust that customers place in Amazon, creating a not-to-be-missed opportunity for merchants to boost their sales and brand visibility. As such, it’s more important than ever for Amazon sellers and Buy with Prime merchants to be prepared.

Challenges brands face on Prime Day

One of the main challenges brands face as Prime Day continues to grow in popularity every year is decision paralysis, where consumers are so overwhelmed by too many choices that they don’t end up making a purchase at all. With the influx of deals and products, it’s easy for consumers to become indecisive, which is why it’s crucial for brands to stand out in the crowd and make the shopping experience as easy as possible.

Check out 5 ways to overcome decision paralysis and improve conversion.

Meanwhile, merchants themselves can face decision paralysis when it comes to choosing the right tools from the multitude of options available. With so many technological solutions on the market, it can be challenging to determine which ones will truly meet your needs and offer the best return on investment. Agencies like Growth Spark, which work with multiple solutions and can tailor specific ones to its clients’ needs, can help merchants making the right choices. This not only saves budget but also maximizes the potential of your tech inventory, ensuring that you have the best tools in place for success.

Prime Day success with Buy with Prime

One tool that many ecommerce agencies are leveraging to help merchants overcome some of these challenges and maximize Prime Day performance is Buy with Prime. Because the checkout solution lets you offer Prime shopping benefits directly on your ecommerce site, you can tap into the power of Prime Day in more places. Offering fast, free delivery, a trusted checkout, and easy returns lets you give Prime members an experience that they love beyond they’ll especially enjoy on Prime Day.

Even outside of key shopping events like Prime Day, merchants are seeing the benefits of Buy with Prime, including increases in shopper trust and conversion that have helped boost revenue. Specifically, merchants experienced an average 25% increase in shopper conversion1 and an average 12% increase in revenue2 when using Buy with Prime.

3 tips to help maximize success on Prime Day

#1 Leverage Reviews from Amazon

Integrate your well-earned reviews directly into the Buy with Prime product pages on your site using Reviews from Amazon. This Buy with Prime feature gives shoppers the familiar experience that they trust from and the social proof that they seek, helping you increase shopper conversion. When merchants add Reviews from Amazon to their site, they have experienced a 38% increase in shopper conversion, on average.3

#2 Optimize your site for conversions

Ensure that your website is optimized for quick, seamless transactions. Buy with Prime offers an easy, familiar checkout, using the shipping and payment details in shoppers’ Amazon accounts. Buy with Prime uses Amazon Pay, which can mean up to 49% faster transactions than regular checkout4 and reduced cart abandonment. A streamlined checkout with secure payment processing helps shoppers feel more confident in the transaction and more likely to convert.

#3 Engage with your customers

Leading up to Prime Day, make sure that you’re engaging with both existing and future customers to let them know about your special deals. Personalized emails, social media posts, and tailored ads highlighting your Prime Day deals can keep your audience informed and excited. Another benefit of Buy with Prime is that you get to keep your customer information, such as contact and order details. You can leverage this information to create personalized outreach to nurture customer relationships beyond Prime Day.

Buy with Prime Partners can help

Navigating the complexities of Prime Day can be challenging. This is where Buy with Prime Partners like Growth Spark come into play. These agency and tech partners specialize in ecommerce strategies, including comprehensive digital marketing services and getting the most out of Buy with Prime, that you might not have the knowledge base or bandwidth for. These partners can help ensure that your ecommerce business and site are prepared for the influx of Prime Day traffic and transactions, optimizing both user experience and conversion rates.

For more insights, watch the full interview with Derek Majewski, Senior Partner Development Manager at Buy with Prime, and Bill Aicher, CEO of Growth Spark.


1 This data point is from a sample of 37 merchants with average monthly web traffic between 5k and 3M, and measures the average increase in shoppers who placed an order when Buy with Prime was an available purchase option versus when it was not, during the same time period.

2 This data point is from a sample of 37 merchants with average monthly web traffic between 5k and 3M, and measures the average increase in revenue generated when Buy with Prime was an available purchase option versus when it was not, during the same time period.

3 Data is from a sample of 8 Buy with Prime merchants with average monthly site traffic between 10k and 1M and compares the number of shoppers who placed an order when Reviews from Amazon was present on a product page versus when it was not, during the same time period.

4 Buy Button Report, February 2021.

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