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Social Ads for
 Buy with Prime

Engage shoppers on Facebook and Instagram with social ads that feature the trust of Prime.

Instagram and Facebook showing social ads on the site.
Streamline ad creation
Sync your Buy with Prime catalog with your Meta catalog to automatically generate relevant social ads featuring the Buy with Prime badge.
Measure ad performance
Integration with Meta’s Conversion API helps you attribute the impact of your social ads.
Reach interested audiences
Create ads for shoppers on Facebook and Instagram who have expressed interest in your brand or products.
Stylized computer showing a download icon
Get started easily
Available to all Buy with Prime merchants, Social Ads for Buy with Prime is an app that is simple to install directly from the console where you manage your business.
Stylized mobile device showing Buy with Prime logo, and a thumbs up icon.
Build powerful campaigns
Create ads that automatically feature the Buy with Prime badge and set up Meta’s Conversion API to attribute conversions.
Stylized bar graph showing an upward trend.
Understand ad performance
Manage your social ad campaigns and track their performance from the app dashboard.
Become a Buy with Prime merchant

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