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  • Learn more about starter steps

    The starter steps guide you through the required process for adding the Buy with Prime button on your ecommerce site. This guide:

    • Includes what's required to offer Buy with Prime on your site.
    • Leads you through gathering the information you need before taking any action.
  • Access the starter steps

    To access the starter steps, complete the sign-up process. After you've signed in, the merchant console loads, and the list opens on the home page. The list includes the steps you need to complete to generate the Buy with Prime button code, then add the Buy with Prime button code to your site.

    Complete the starter steps below to add the Buy with Prime button code to your site:

    Step 1Enter your business details such as the business type and registered business address. To learn more, go to Sign up and user settings.

    Step 2Set up Buy with Prime. To learn more, go to Set up Buy with Prime.

    Step 3Pick which products offer Buy with Prime. To learn more, go to Catalog.

    Step 4Create and install the button code.

    Follow the prompts to set up Buy with Prime and generate the Buy with Prime button code. 

    Starter steps FAQ

    Get answers to common questions about the starter steps.
    • You can complete the steps in any order.

    • You can go back and edit a completed step at any time. Completed steps will be greyed out.

    • You can come back to complete the list at any time. If you don’t complete the current step, it doesn't show as completed.

      • Privately-owned business: A privately-owned business is controlled and operated by private individuals. The business is registered in the context of a commercial or professional activity.
      • Publicly-listed business: A publicly-listed business is a business with shares listed on a stock exchange for public trading.
      • State-owned business: A state-owned business is either wholly or partially owned and operated by a government. 
      • Charity: A charity is an incorporated or non-incorporated tax-exempt body which: (1) is created and operated for charitable purposes (2) employs all its resources to those charitable activities that are under its direct control (3) doesn’t distribute any part of the income generated for the benefit of any trustee, trustor member, or other private individual, and (4) doesn’t contribute to or associate with political organizations.
      • I am an individual: An individual is a person who conducts business solely in a personal, private capacity. An individual also doesn’t conduct business through a registered or unregistered entity.



    For more information, go to FAQtionary.

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