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Manage returns

Learn how to manage and process your returns

To process returns, you can take the following actions:

Note: When you complete managing your returns, go back to the main menu for the Buy with Prime app for Shopify

Buy with Prime app for Shopify main menu

Update your return policy

To set up a return policy, follow these steps:

Note: For details about return policies, go to the Shopify Help Center return rules.

  1. Open the Shopify admin.
  2. Go to Settings, then choose Policies.
  3. In the Written return and refund policy section, enter your store’s return and refund policy, or choose Create from template to generate a default template policy.
  4. Choose Save to add your return and refund policy.

Note: You must follow the Prime returns policy for Buy with Prime items and update your existing policies to incorporate the Prime returns policy at About Our Returns Policies.

Process returns


  • To process returns you need to complete setting up the Buy with Prime app for Shopify. If you haven’t completed the set up process, go to Buy with Prime app for Shopify.
  • Shoppers can initiate a return for a Buy with Prime order only from the order confirmation email they received.
  • Update the return policy on your site to help shoppers understand how to start a Buy with Prime return.
  • Shoppers can return Buy with Prime orders through Buy with Prime at no extra cost. Shoppers can also initiate returns by contacting merchants, however there may be a fee based on the merchant’s policies.

Shopper returns of Buy with Prime orders

Your shoppers can return Buy with Prime orders by following these steps:

  1. Open the order confirmation email and choose View Order.
  2. Choose Order Details to see the order details page.
  3. Choose Return on the order details page.
    Note: The Return button appears only after the order is delivered.
  4. Enter any additional information about the return, such as the reason for the return.
  5. Confirm the estimated refund amount and summary of the return details to create the return.
    When the return has been created, a return confirmation email is sent.
  6. From the return confirmation email, choose Print Return Label, and then attach the printed label to the package.
  7. Drop the return off at the location listed on the return label.


  • Shoppers can send an email to your email address to request a return label for their Buy with Prime order.
  • If your customer loses the order confirmation email, you can send a new one using the Contact customer option on the Orders page in the merchant console.