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  • Quick start guide: What is the Alloy connector app?

    The Alloy connector app syncs Buy with Prime order and customer information with your ecommerce provider, so you can see and manage all your data in one place. The Alloy app is available in marketplace, a new section in merchant console.

    The following ecommerce providers are supported:

    • Shopify
    • BigCommerce
    • WooCommerce
    • Adobe Commerce/Magento
    • Squarespace
  • Getting started: Add the Alloy connector app

    Important: To install the Alloy connector app, you need to grant Alloy permission to access your Buy with Prime order and customer information when prompted.

    To add the Alloy connector app:

    Step 1Open the merchant console.

    Step 2From the side menu, choose Marketplace.

    Step 3Choose Orders to ecommerce provider.

    Step 4Review the information on the app detail page, then choose Add app.

    Step 5Review the information on the app authorization page, then choose AuthorizeNote: The authorization and connection process to Alloy can take 1-3 minutes. Keep the authorization window open to proceed to the next step.

    Step 6Follow the prompts to create an Alloy account, enter your email, and then choose Proceed.

    Step 7Enter a password and choose Create account.

    Step 8Notice that Buy with Prime has been authenticated with your Alloy account. Choose your preferred ecommerce provider account, to authenticate and connect your ecommerce provider account to Alloy.

    Step 9Complete any steps required by your ecommerce service provider to authenticate, configure, and connect your Alloy account. Then return to the Alloy window to select Proceed.

    Step 10After you've successfully activated Alloy, choose Finish to return to the marketplace.

    To view your Alloy connector app dashboard:

    Step 1Open the merchant console.

    Step 2From the side menu, choose Marketplace.

    Step 3On the marketplace page, choose the Orders to ecommerce provider app you added.

    Step 4On the app detail page, choose Go to Alloy.

    Step 5Then choose your Buy with Prime – ecommerce provider order workflow.

Alloy connector app FAQ

Get answers to common questions about the Alloy connector app.

  • The Alloy connector app for five major ecommerce providers is available through marketplace in the merchant console.

  • Buy with Prime merchants and their registered business account users can visit the marketplace and install its apps in the merchant console.

  • The Alloy connector app is available for merchants with ecommerce sites hosted with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Adobe Commerce/Magento, and Squarespace.

  • For information on how to set up the Alloy app, go to the Getting started section on this page.

  • To streamline the dataflow between Buy with Prime and your ecommerce provider, the Alloy connector app gains access to order and customer information, including order status, order total, product details, payment status, shipment status, customer name, email, and shipping address.

  • The Alloy app supports up to 25,000 actions each month, which includes dataflow actions like orders. An order can initiate up to 2–3 actions.

  • The Alloy connector app is free to use for up to 25,000 actions each month for Buy with Prime merchants.

  • We’re on a mission to curate a robust number of third-party solutions to help you run your Buy with Prime business. To start, we’re launching the Alloy connector app, which integrates your Buy with Prime order and customer data with your ecommerce provider. In addition to the Alloy connector app for five ecommerce providers, marketplace also has a collection of agency partners that offer ecommerce expertise and solutions to support your business.

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