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Buy with Prime increases shopper conversions by 25% on average

The latest updates to help businesses grow and offer Buy with Prime on their ecommerce site.


After launching Buy with Prime in April 2022 we recently announced some exciting updates to help merchants offer Prime shopping benefits to millions of U.S.-based Prime members on their website. Below is a summary of the latest ways we’re helping merchants of all sizes grow their business, whether on Amazon or beyond.

Increasing shopper conversion

Buy with Prime has been shown to increase shopper conversion by 25% on average. This data point measures the average increase in shoppers who placed an order when Buy with Prime was an available purchase option versus when it was not, during the same time period. It’s important to note that this is an average.

We’ve seen some merchants, like Trophy Skin, report shopper conversion of more than 30% since adding Buy with Prime to their online store. Additionally, merchants such as Wyze have told us they are seeing a 25% higher conversion rate and have added Buy with Prime to all eligible products in their catalog. Hydralyte told us that after adding Buy with Prime, they have seen a 14% increase in conversion. Find more merchant testimonials.

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Making Buy with Prime more widely available

Up to now, Buy with Prime has been available to merchants on an invite-only basis. During this time, we’ve been relentlessly iterating to make sure we’re building the best possible product and experience for merchants and Prime members. Buy with Prime is now available to all eligible U.S.-based merchants. If you’re ready to get started you can sign up here.

Introducing Reviews from Amazon

We’re also launching a new capability for Buy with Prime merchants: the ability to display customer reviews from within their own online stores. This offers merchants a new way to increase shopper trust and better inform shopper purchase decisions. Learn more.

Ecommerce provider integrations

Buy with Prime is designed to work with most online stores built with services offered by ecommerce providers, such as Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, and others. Specifically, the Buy with Prime app for Shopify helps you manage your Buy with Prime product catalog, orders, returns, and settings all within your Shopify admin—no installation coding required. And Buy with Prime for Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a first-of-its-kind for Buy with Prime, providing a feature-rich, fully integrated solution for large and enterprise brands with new back-end and shopper features.

We’ve been working closely with merchants since launching Buy with Prime, and we’re thrilled to hear that the program has helped drive such impressive results so far. We’ll continue innovating and investing in new features and tools to help merchants of all sizes succeed—and give Prime members the shopping benefits they love, whether it’s on Amazon or beyond.

Offer Buy with Prime. Convert more shoppers.

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Kris Orlowski