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Partner case study: Pattern

An ecommerce accelerator leverages Buy with Prime to fuel conversions for its portfolio of growing brands.

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Increase in shopper conversion for Trophy Skin
MoM product revenue growth for Tria Beauty
MoM increase in orders for Hohm

Converting online shoppers can be a difficult puzzle to figure out—no matter the brand, no matter the industry. That’s why Pattern exists. Pattern is an AI-powered ecommerce acceleration platform with the mission of taking the mystery out of ecommerce success by helping brands with everything from creative production and ad strategy to fulfillment logistics and data analysis. The team at Pattern solves problems for its hundreds of partner brands each day. They aim to make ecommerce easier for brands.

“Growth can be challenging and complex,” says Susie Tew, Director of Ecommerce at Pattern. “Brands from all over the world come to us, and we help them realize their full potential in the ecommerce space.”

Trophy Skin, Tria Beauty, and Hohm are just a few of the brands that Pattern works with to help supercharge growth of their online stores. Pattern has a vast toolkit of resources to support brands like these, and now Buy with Prime is becoming a bigger and bigger part of it. Through the effective implementation of Buy with Prime, these brands are building shopper trust and boosting shopper conversion rates while streamlining their fulfillment.

“We see a lot of brands that have challenges with conversion. Maybe they’re not able to offer free shipping on their site or maybe their checkout experience isn’t as seamless as they’d like it to be. Buy with Prime helps with that.”
Susie Tew, Director of Ecommerce, Pattern


Creating trust with Buy with Prime

Trust can be a major hurdle for ecommerce brands. Shoppers want to trust that their personal information is protected, that the product will arrive when it’s supposed to, and that they have the option to easily return that product for a refund. Trust can be hard to establish from the outset for a smaller ecommerce brand. Buy with Prime helps to lower that barrier.

“What’s great about Buy with Prime is that there’s an inherent trust that people have with the Prime shopping experience—they know what to expect,” Susie says. “And we see that in the data. When there’s a checkout option for Buy with Prime on a product, shoppers are more likely to convert.”

Pattern conducted an A/B test with Trophy Skin, a beauty brand that offers microdermabrasion kits for an at-home spa experience. The team added the Buy with Prime button to some of Trophy Skin’s best-selling SKUs. Half of the traffic was served the Buy with Prime button and the other half was not. The difference was dramatic: Trophy Skin saw an average 40% increase in shopper conversion for the products that offered Buy with Prime.

“We’re always looking for innovative solutions to help our clients drive traffic to a site and help convert that traffic, so Buy with Prime is a really attractive solution for our brand partners,” she says. “We’re really pleased with the success of our A/B testing program. The results were exciting to see.”

“We’ve done testing with Buy with Prime, and we’re seeing immediate results as soon as we add the button.”
Susie Tew, Director of Ecommerce, Pattern

Achieving ecommerce growth and driving revenue

After Pattern successfully piloted Buy with Prime for Trophy Skin, the team started activating Buy with Prime for other brands. Tria Beauty, which offers at-home laser hair removal devices, added the Buy with Prime badge and button to its most popular products.

“Tria Beauty immediately saw an increase in conversions and sales,” says Susie. “We’ve seen accelerated revenue growth of 10–30% month-over-month for products offering Buy with Prime. Within a few months, the products that have a Buy with Prime button are already accounting for a sizable portion of the overall revenue for the site.”

Hohm, an essential oils brand, also saw positive results after the Pattern team added Buy with Prime to several products. “Hohm is a newer brand so we wanted to get traffic going to its site and increase conversion as soon as possible,” explains Susie. “We saw a clear opportunity to do that by adding the Buy with Prime button.”

Hohm has seen steady month-over-month growth in orders for products that offer Buy with Prime, including a 40% increase in the first month alone.

Susie believes Buy with Prime saves time and effort for the various brands Pattern works with. That saved effort gets reinvested into other areas of the business. She says, “When Amazon handles payment processing, order fulfillment, and returns for our clients, we’re able to focus on other areas of the business to help grow and accelerate our brand partners and their businesses online.”


Taking the stress out of fulfillment

The numbers show that online shoppers don’t like to be kept waiting for their products. A way for brands to stand out in a competitive landscape is to establish an efficient fulfillment process. According to a 2022 shopper survey from Digital Commerce 360, 69% of shoppers say free shipping is the main reason they’re likely to make a purchase online. But speedy fulfillment can be tricky for businesses that can’t make the logistics investment of larger brands.

“You want to provide a positive shopping experience, but you also want your fulfillment process to be cost-effective,” Susie explains. “Achieving both can be really challenging. So, if you can’t offer fast, free delivery on your own, Buy with Prime makes that possible. Even if you don’t have the in-house resources required to pick, pack, and ship, you’re able to keep up with fulfillment needs.”

Some of Pattern’s partner brands already have inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers for products sold on For their other partner brands that sell on channels beyond Amazon, they can also leverage Amazon fulfillment services through Multi-Channel Fulfillment. So whether they sell on or other ecommerce channels—or both—brands can use one pool of inventory for their ecommerce orders.

The customer experiences a secure, familiar checkout with transparent delivery times, and the Buy with Prime order is shipped in as fast as one day. These benefits have led to higher shopper conversion for Pattern’s partner brands.

“I would recommend Buy with Prime to anyone who has an ecommerce site,” Susie says. “If anything, just to test to see if you can drive traffic to the site, convert that traffic, and have the customer come back and shop again.”

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