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  • How does shipment tracking work?

    When a package has shipped, you and your customers can track its status.

    Customers can choose the Track package button in their tracking email to see their shipment status.  If their package is delayed in transit, a new estimated delivery date is included if available.

    Customers can monitor tracking updates from the order tracking page such as:

    • Item status (On the way, Out for Delivery, Delivered, Delivery Attempted, Canceled, Held for pickup, Delayed, Delivery on Hold).
    • Progress tracker showing the stage in the delivery process (Shipped, On the way, Out for Delivery, Delivered).
    • Pop-up with detailed tracking view. This displays the status of your package with details about your shipment.


    From your Order details page you can check the shipping status under Item Status.  If the order has shipped, you can choose Track shipment to see detailed tracking information for the order. Customers can view the same details from their order tracking page.

    To check a shipment status:

    Step 1Open the merchant console.

    Step 2Choose Orders.

    Step 3Search for the order you want to look up, then select the order ID to view the order details, including tracking information. 

    If a shipment is delayed, your customer receives an email notification with a link to the Order details page where they can see the latest package status. If a new estimated delivery date is available, this detail is included in the email. You can view the latest status along with detailed information on the orders page on the merchant console.

  • Shipment tracking FAQ

    Get answers to common questions about tracking packages.
    • If a Buy with Prime shipment is delayed, your customer will receive an email notification with a link to the customer order detail page where they can see the latest package status. If a new estimated delivery date is available, this detail will also be included in the email. You can view the latest status along with detailed information on the orders page on the merchant console.

    • No, shipment tracking is a default service for all Buy with Prime orders.

    • No, the current shipment tracking service is the only service supported for Buy with Prime orders.

    • Your customers can track their orders through their order confirmation and shipment tracking emails and the order detail page they can access through a link in the emails.

    • You can track your customers’ packages on the orders page in the merchant console.

    • Your customers are notified by email and on their order detail page if their packages are delayed. You can see shipment status and any delays in a specific order’s detailed view within the orders page in merchant console.

    • If your order has shipped, the tracking information appears on the order detail page. Note: The shipping label and tracking ID aren't created until an order has shipped. If you don’t see the tracking information appear after the order has shipped, contact merchant support.

    • Customers can’t change the delivery address after a package has shipped.

    • The shipment time can vary based on carrier, and sometimes packages can be delayed during transit due to unforeseen circumstances. Reasons for delayed delivery include the following, among others:

      • Incorrect address
      • Missing apartment, building, floor, or unit number
      • Severe weather conditions
      • International customs procedures

      If the package isn’t delivered within seven days after the promised delivery date or estimated delivery date, contact merchant support. Note that orders that are marked as delivered by the carrier aren’t eligible for reimbursement.

    • If the package information isn’t updated after 3 days, contact the carrier to ensure your package is on the way. If the package is being shipped by Amazon, you can contact merchant support.

    • Most packages arrive on time, but can sometimes show up after the estimated delivery date. If a package is delayed:

      • Advise your customer to check their order confirmation email or the order detail page to track the package and see the estimated delivery date. You can verify the shipment’s status from the orders page in the merchant console.
      • Confirm that the customer provided a valid shipping address for the order by checking the orders page in the merchant console. If the shipping address wasn’t entered correctly when the order was placed, delivery of the package might be delayed.
      • After confirming the order information, wait 48 hours to allow for unexpected delays. After 48 hours, contact merchant support to help locate your customer’s package.
    • A package might be returned as undeliverable for several reasons:

      • The address is incorrect or outdated. Usually, the carrier stores the package for a period of time, then returns it. Customers should confirm that the shipping address is accurate.
      • The Buy with Prime ordering system doesn't recognize the way that the customer entered the address, or the package was assigned to a carrier that can't deliver to that address.
      • The customer used a restricted address. If you send the order to a prison, correctional facility, or other similar institution, the products or the carrier responsible for delivery might be subject to specific restrictions.
      • The carrier attempted delivery, but was unsuccessful. Most carriers make more than one attempt to deliver a package. If the carrier can't successfully deliver the package, they return it.
      • The recipient refused the delivery. A recipient who isn't expecting a package might refuse a package if they believe that it's being delivered to them by mistake.
      • The package was damaged in transit. If a package is damaged while it's on its way, the carrier might return it without attempting delivery.

      Note: A Buy with Prime package that a carrier returns as undeliverable cannot be re-shipped. A refund is issued in these cases. If your customer still wants to purchase the item, they need to place a new order on your site.


    • Contact merchant support if the items in your customer’s order are incorrect, missing, or damaged in transit.

    • The delivery representative might have scanned the package as delivered while it's still in transit, or delivered it to the wrong address. Wait 48 hours from the time the tracking status changed to “delivered” to see if the package arrives. If 48 hours have passed and the customer has not received the package, contact merchant support.

    • There might be a delay in processing the events from the carrier. If you have more questions on the status of a package, you can contact the carrier directly or contact merchant support to help trace the package.

    • If the carrier you are looking for is not on this list, contact merchant support.


      Contact Information


      Phone: 1-800-742-5877

      US Postal Service

      Phone: 1-800-222-1811


      Visit Amazon Logistics


      Phone: 1-800-463-3339

      DHL Express

      Phone: 1-800-225-5345

    • In some scenarios, the package status on merchant console isn’t in sync with what your customer sees. You see can see the high-level status and your customers can see the detailed package status.

      To investigate a package status:

      1. Choose the Order details page.
      2. Choose Track shipment.

    • When a package has a delivery exception such as Delivery Attempted or Delayed, the package status isn’t updated although the item was successfully delivered on the next attempt. To initiate a return, contact merchant support. To learn more about return eligibility, go to Returns.

    For more information, go to FAQtionary.

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