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Buy with Prime Program Policy

Review the Buy with Prime Program Policy

Dated: June 18, 2024

With Buy with Prime, you can offer fast, free delivery, a checkout experience millions of shoppers know and trust, and free returns and automated refunds on eligible orders. Capitalized terms used in this Buy with Prime Program Policy but not defined below are defined in the Buy with Prime Conditions of Use located here and the Buy with Prime Service Terms located here (and any successor or related site designated by us), as may be updated by us from time to time.

Buy with Prime is currently only available to merchants with a United States-based entity and for orders with shipping addresses in the contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Service Requirements

To offer Buy with Prime on Your Store, you need:

  • a Professional Seller Central account or a Multi-Channel Fulfillment account, which enables you to offer shoppers a Prime delivery experience by fulfilling your Buy with Prime orders using Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment.
  • an Amazon Pay account, which enables you to offer shoppers a checkout experience to which they are accustomed that verifies their Prime status, and allows them to check out using the shipping information and payment methods stored in their Amazon account. Amazon Pay processes payments and refunds for the Buy with Prime Hosted Checkout.

Your use of Amazon’s fulfillment services (including Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment) in connection with Buy with Prime is governed by the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement or the Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment Customer Agreement (as applicable). Your use of Amazon Pay in connection with Buy with Prime is governed by the Amazon Payments, Inc. Customer Agreement.

Product Policies

You are responsible for maintaining product attributes for Your Products. You may not list any product for sale through Buy with Prime that is restricted by applicable law or the following policies:

  • FBA product restrictions, including Amazon’s restricted products policy
  • Amazon Pay Acceptable Use Policy
  • Buy with Prime Product Policy: The products you offer through Buy with Prime must exactly match the description, pictures, and all other information on the product detail page of Your Store. You are responsible for reviewing and updating Your Product descriptions on Your Store to confirm Your Products are accurately described. Products you submit to Amazon for fulfillment to shoppers must be in the condition described on your product detail page without any damage or defects.
    Examples of violations include:
    • Selling a product that violates the intellectual property of others, such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, and rights of publicity. If you are suspected of selling inauthentic products through Buy with Prime, we may request that you provide documentation (such as invoices) showing the authenticity of Your Products or your authorization to list them for sale. You may remove pricing information from these documents, but providing documents that have been edited in any other way or that are misleading is a violation of this policy.
    • Selling a product that is listed as “New” but is submitted for fulfillment as used, opened, or with minor damage or imperfections. Products listed as “New” are expected to arrive in brand new, unopened condition with no signs of damage or wear. Shoppers may perceive an item as used if the product has been opened, contains previous user data, or shows other signs of use such as physical imperfections (for example, scratches or scuffs).
    • Selling a product that does not match the description on your product detail page. This includes differences in color, pattern, texture, size, and quantity, or submitting the wrong item entirely for delivery. The product’s language, country, version, model, or edition must match the description on your product detail page.
    • Selling a product that is damaged, defective, misrepresented, or missing any of its parts. This includes products that do not function as stated on your product detail page or do not meet reasonable expectations of how the product should function.

Examples of enforcement actions we may take based on the severity of a policy violation include:

  • Quarantine, removal, or disposal of your inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers
  • Deactivating the Buy with Prime button on a single product detail page or entirely on Your Store
  • Suspension or termination of your Business Account

Customer Survey

The customer survey feature collects feedback on your behalf from shoppers about their experience using Buy with Prime on Your Store. We may conduct customer surveys on the Buy with Prime post-order pages or through direct contact with your shoppers. This feature is activated by default, and you may deactivate it in the Merchant Console. You can also learn more about customer surveys and request survey results in the Merchant Console. We may publicly share survey results to show how Prime members use and value Buy with Prime.


For the Buy with Prime Hosted Checkout, we will use the price in your Buy with Prime catalog and your Buy with Prime tax settings to calculate the sales price for each order.

Customer Support

You’re responsible for providing customer support for your shoppers. Buy with Prime includes customer support features to handle your shopper’s post order inquiries on your behalf. Shoppers can use the “Get Support” button on their Buy with Prime order detail and tracking pages to access customer support features, including self-service content to answer common questions, Buy with Prime Assist, and a form to contact you by email. Buy with Prime Assist provides customer support on your behalf through live chat for order related inquiries and is activated by default. Shoppers can contact you directly by email using the “Contact Us” form for product related inquiries.

You can reach out to Merchant Support to request information regarding your shopper’s inquiries that are handled by Buy with Prime Assist or to deactivate this feature. When you deactivate it, all shopper inquiries other than those using self-service content are directed to you by email. You can’t include any promotion information in communications that you send to shoppers using the merchant console.

Returns and Refunds

You must follow the Prime returns policy found at About Our Returns Policies for purchases made using Buy with Prime and incorporate it into your existing policies. Buy with Prime allows shoppers to initiate automated returns and refunds for eligible products. Shoppers can request to return eligible products, free of charge, during the applicable return window, and returns are processed through Amazon’s fulfillment network.

If you have elected not to have Amazon Pay process automated refunds on your behalf for purchases made through Buy with Prime, you must subscribe to notifications from us for when a refund is due to a shopper. You must process a shopper refund within two business days of receiving such notification and maintain accurate order information in your Business Account to reflect all refunds you process.

Service Updates and Third-Party Services

You are responsible for timely managing updates from Buy with Prime, your ecommerce provider, other third-party applications, or themes you use on Your Store. You are responsible for the interaction of third-party services and applications on Your Store with Buy with Prime.

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