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Order fulfillment

Learn more about how Buy with Prime orders are fulfilled

Buy with Prime orders are fulfilled using Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). With MCF, you ship your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers and Amazon picks, packs, and ships your products, while offering Prime delivery speeds. If you’re an existing Amazon seller using FBA for sales on, you can use your FBA inventory for your MCF sales channels, including your own site.

Using the Import from Amazon feature, you can activate fulfillment to import your Seller Central inventory and set up Amazon as your fulfillment provider for your Buy with Prime products. When you’ve set up Amazon to fulfill your product, orders placed through Buy with Prime are automatically fulfilled by MCF. Buy with Prime automatically syncs the tracking numbers on your MCF products.

Note: The Import from Amazon feature won’t import merchant fulfilled and virtual product bundles. The Buy with Prime button doesn’t support merchant fulfilled products or virtual product bundles.

To use MCF for Buy with Prime, you need a Seller Central account, you must also set up Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) on your Seller Central account, and your Seller Central account must be on a professional selling plan and in good standing. To learn more, go to Set up Buy with Prime.

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