• Learn more about sign up and user settings

    With sign up and user settings, you can sign up for a user account and within Settings, you can update user details, change password, set up two-step verification, and as the Owner/Admin you can manage permissions for other user roles.

  • How to sign up

    You can sign up for Buy with Prime using the following steps.

    To sign up:  

    Step 1Go to https://console.buywithprime.amazon.com/login/sign-up.

    Step 2Enter your full name, email, and then password (twice).

    Step 3Choose Sign Up.

    Step 4You'll then receive an email with a code to verify your identity.

    Step 5Enter the code on the verification page. If you haven't received the code or the code has expired, choose Resend code to get a new code.

    Step 6You’ll then sign in again to access the merchant console.

    After signing in, you can change your user profile settings in the merchant console.

    To change profile settings:

    Step 1Open the merchant console.

    Step 2To update the following settings, choose Settings, and then Account details.

    Step 3aTo edit your name, go to the User details tab, and then choose Edit.

    Step 3bTo change your password, go to the Security tab, choose Change Password, and then a code will be sent to your email address to verify your identity. Enter the code in the verification window, choose Next, and then you can enter the current and new password (twice) to change password, and then choose Change password.

    Step 3cTo activate Two-step verification, go to the Security tab, choose Set up two-step verification, download an authenticator app and choose Next. Then add Buy with Prime to the authenticator app by scanning the QR code or entering the information manually, and choose Next. Enter the one-time, six-digit code generated in the authenticator app, choose Verify, and two-step verification will be activated. 

    To enter business details:

    Step 1Open the merchant console.

    Step 2Choose Settings, and then Enter business details.

    Step 3Select the business type from the dropdown menu.

    Step 4Enter the legal business name.

    Step 5Enter the registered business address and choose Next

    Follow the prompts to set up Buy with Prime and generate the Buy with Prime button code.

  • Sign up and user settings FAQ

    Get answers to common questions about signing up for, or into, your user account.
    • To sign up, go to: Buy with Prime sign up.

    • To sign in, go to: Buy with Prime sign in.

    • If you've forgotten your password:

      1. Go to https://console.buywithprime.amazon.com/login.
      2. Choose Forgot password.
      3. Enter your email address, and then choose Next.
      4. You’ll then receive an email with a code.
      5. Enter the code and the new password (twice), and then choose Next.
    • If you forget your email, check all of your inboxes for material from Buy with Prime. You can also ask the Owner /Admin roles for your email-id from the Team page in the merchant console. 

    • After you create your user account during sign up, you can use the same email address and password to access multiple business accounts. The Owner/Admin roles can invite you to access their business accounts. You’ll sign in with your email address and password to access all business accounts.

      • Privately-owned business: A privately-owned business is controlled and operated by private individuals. The business is registered in the context of a commercial or professional activity.
      • Publicly-listed business: A publicly-listed business is a business with shares listed on a stock exchange for public trading.
      • State-owned business: A state-owned business is either wholly or partially owned and operated by a government.
      • Charity: A charity is an incorporated or non-incorporated tax-exempt body which: (1) is created and operated for charitable purposes (2) employs all its resources to those charitable activities that are under its direct control (3) doesn’t distribute any part of the income generated for the benefit of any trustee, trustor member, or other private individual, and (4) doesn’t contribute to or associate with political organizations.
      • I am an individual: An individual is a person who conducts business solely in a personal, private capacity. An individual also doesn’t conduct business through a registered or unregistered entity.


    • If you're locked out of your user account, you can contact support for assistance.  

    For more information, go to FAQ library.

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