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  • What is Buy with Prime analytics?

    Buy with Prime analytics provides an overview of your Buy with Prime business performance. You can review dashboard charts that show trends for orders and returns, over time and compare previous performance periods. Depending on the reporting date range, the charts will show historical hourly, daily, or monthly values of your metrics.

    Orders dashboard

    Provides sales and orders metrics for your Buy with Prime orders including total sales, total orders, and average order value.

    Metric Definitions


    Returns dashboard

    Tracks return amounts, items returned, and return rate for your Buy with Prime orders.

    Metric Definitions


  • How to access your analytics

    Access your Buy with Prime analytics using one of the following options:

    Option 1 (from the merchant console menu)

    Step 1Open the merchant console.

    Step 2Choose Analytics.

    Step 3To review a specific dashboard chart, choose the Orders or Returns menu option.  

    Option 2 (from the merchant console home page)

    Step 1Locate the Buy with Prime overview button.

    Step 2Choose See order analytics

    Analytics FAQ

    Get answers to common questions about Buy with Prime analytics.
    • Analytics information updates within six hours of order and return updates. Metrics are calculated using the Pacific Standard Time (PST) time zone.

      1. Open the merchant console.
      2. Choose Orders, then the download button.
      3. Select the date range for the export, then choose Request File.

      After the order information is ready, you will receive an email with a link for the download. Note: The CSV file is only accessible from the emailed link for five days.

    • You can review order information for up to two years back.

    • The following user roles can access the orders and returns dashboards: Owner, Admin, and Staff.

    • A return is only included in analytics reports when it is scanned/received by the return carrier.

    • Submit your feedback through the Contact Us form. We’ll create a support case to manage and track your request.

    For more information, go to FAQtionary.

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