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If you're an FBA Seller, add Buy with Prime in four easy steps to offer a delivery and checkout experience that millions of shoppers trust.

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Buy with Prime in four easy steps*

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Sign up and create your account

Start by entering your business details.

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Set up Buy with Prime

Link your Seller Central and Amazon Pay accounts to Buy with Prime, then import your existing Amazon product catalog information. Learn more.

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Pick products to offer Prime

Select which products display the Prime logo and delivery promise.

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Add the Buy with Prime button

Copy and paste button code into your existing site in minutes.

*Adding Buy with Prime varies for merchants not enrolled in Amazon's fulfillment services. Learn more in our FAQ.

Offer Prime shopping benefits on your site

Buy with Prime is designed to work on most ecommerce providers.

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of shoppers say free shipping is the most important benefit when shopping online.


(Source: ComScore, "2020 State of Retail" October, 2020)


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Buy with Prime FAQ

  • For merchants with inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers, you simply need to authorize Amazon to use your inventory stored in Amazon fulfillment centers to fulfill Buy with Prime orders and offer the same fast, FREE delivery as You’ll also link your Amazon Pay account to give millions of Prime members a seamless checkout experience by using the shipping and payment information stored in their Amazon account. Merchants not yet using Amazon Pay on their DTC site will be directed to register for Amazon Pay while configuring Buy with Prime.

  • Amazon's fulfillment services (which includes Multi-Channel Fulfillment) leverage the world’s largest fulfillment network with more than 200 fulfillment centers globally to provide a fast, low-cost, and reliable solution for fulfilling orders. You can ship your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers and Amazon handles the rest—product storage, delivery, order tracking, and returns. With Amazon's fulfillment services, you can fulfill both and Buy with Prime orders with one pool of inventory.

  • Buy with Prime is a new way to allow ecommerce businesses to grow and improve the shopping experience for Prime members off If you want to use Amazon fulfillment for non-Buy with Prime eligible products, Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) allows you to provide fast, reliable ecommerce fulfillment using Amazon’s fulfillment network across multiple channels.

  • Amazon Pay offers millions of shoppers a fast, familiar way to check out from your site using the shipping and payment information from their Amazon account. Amazon Pay also helps verify a shopper’s Prime status so that they can check out using Buy with Prime.

  • Buy with Prime’s cost per unit will depend on multiple factors, including product dimensions and weight, average selling price and number of units per Buy with Prime order. The cost includes fulfillment, storage, payment processing, and service fees that are calculated per unit. The cost of returns is included in the fulfillment fee. Merchants pay for what they use, and all fees, except for those incurred for storage, are charged only after merchants make a sale. Upon being invited to the program, our sales team will explain the pricing in detail.

  • Yes. With Buy with Prime, you will receive shopper order information, including email addresses for customer orders, which you can use to provide customer service and build direct relationships with shoppers. Learn more here.

  • We protect information collected via Buy with Prime, including shopper data, in accordance with Amazon's high security standards. We use this information to provide and improve Buy with Prime for merchants and shoppers. For more details, please read our Buy with Prime Information Handling FAQ. 

  • Yes. You do not need to be selling on to use Buy with Prime. While Buy with Prime will initially be available by invitation-only to merchants already using Fulfillment by Amazon, it will be rolled out more broadly over time.

  • No. Buy with Prime gives you the freedom to choose how and where to sell your products. You do not need to sell on to use Buy with Prime. Merchants that do sell on are not required to have price and selection parity with their listings.

  • Buy with Prime does not replace your native checkout; it offers an additional way for Prime members to quickly check out. When shoppers click on the Buy with Prime button, they are directed to the Buy with Prime hosted checkout. After the Buy with Prime purchase is complete, shoppers are redirected back to your site.

  • We use Amazon Pay to process payments for Buy with Prime orders. Amazon Pay is backed by the fraud protection technology used on Amazon Pay’s fraud detection capabilities, charge-back controls, and risk management processes help your business feel safe and secure while shoppers purchase on your DTC site using Buy with Prime. For more information, see the Amazon Pay merchant frequently asked questions

  • When you onboard with Buy with Prime, there is an option to import your Amazon product catalog information (title, price, SKU, product images) into your Buy with Prime catalog. After importing your product details, you can confirm that the SKU and the price in your Buy with Prime catalog matches your DTC site catalog. We encourage you to update your Buy with Prime catalog whenever you change your site catalog to avoid errors for shoppers using Buy with Prime.