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Partner spotlight: CedCommerce

This digital agency is helping Buy with Prime merchants increase conversions and customer lifetime value.


Providing a frictionless and tailored customer journey is imperative in today’s landscape of digital dominance and online commerce. Brands embrace omnichannel sales and marketing strategies to ensure that every customer touchpoint aligns with the brand identities. Across physical stores, websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms, expectations are high, with shoppers demanding convenience, consistency, and personalization.

With Buy with Prime, ecommerce brands can enhance or even start building their omnichannel strategies by offering an experience that shoppers have come to expect—directly on their ecommerce sites.

And to help merchants grow their ecommerce businesses using Buy with Prime, agency partners like CedCommerce are stepping in with specialized expertise in omnichannel sales and marketing, user experience (UX), and marketplace integrations.

CedCommerce is a leading agency helping more than 50,000 clients worldwide enhance their ecommerce businesses to drive growth, with a long list of success stories helping large and small businesses alike prosper online. It also works with a roster of partners and more than 70 international marketplaces, providing innovative technology and integration solutions.

“In ecommerce, there’s always something new and innovative coming every day,” says CedCommerce Co-founder and CEO, Abhishek Jaiswal. “I think our greatest success is in our customization, knowing that one size doesn’t always fit all. We’re a one-stop shop for tailor-made solutions specific to our clients’ needs.”

A one-stop ecommerce shop

From multi-channel integration to digital marketing, CedCommerce prides itself in providing best-in-class ecommerce solutions. CedCommerce can help merchants integrate code or tech tools, optimize the design of their ecommerce sites, or troubleshoot tech integrations and updates.

“We are multi-channel enablers bringing merchants and marketplaces together across the globe,” says CedCommerce’s Shivangi Tiwari, who manages the agency’s Buy with Prime partnership. “We do everything big and small, from website revamps to enhanced interfaces and UX to site optimization to help brands scale and reach worldwide markets. Whatever they need when it comes to elevating their ecommerce business, we try to cater to every level.”

As a Buy with Prime Partner, the agency has a team dedicated to supporting Buy with Prime merchants, including:

  • Installing and customizing the Buy with Prime button on product pages
  • Designing user interfaces and experiences that complement the Buy with Prime checkout
  • Setting up Reviews from Amazon for active Buy with Prime products
  • Building collections pages to spotlight Buy with Prime products
  • Creating and optimizing Buy with Prime banners, FAQ, and other content to boost shopper awareness

A boost in conversions and AOV

As an emerging ecommerce brand, In the Kitchen with Alexandra has been focused on expanding its digital presence with the help of CedCommerce. The brand, which specializes in small batches of craft Haitian condiments, already has a presence on and the Home Shopping Network, but owner Alexandra Marie-Jude Roumain Baker wanted to enhance the shopper experience on her ecommerce site. She chose to add Buy with Prime to offer shoppers a trusted checkout and free 1-2 day shipping on eligible orders.

“We want people to trust us, to feel confident that we’re a brand that they can trust when they’re shopping on our website,” Alexandra says. “With Buy with Prime, they have that.”

The increased trust and convenience through Buy with Prime has had a ripple effect on the brand’s site performance. After CedCommerce added Buy with Prime, shopper conversions and average order value (AOV) jumped. Alexandra also noticed an increase in buyer satisfaction rates and repeat purchases.

In the Kitchen with Alexandra’s notable success is a testament to how businesses can expand and grow their omnichannel strategies with the right set of tools. CedCommerce helped Alexandra achieve the results by integrating the Buy with Prime button on eligible SKUs and updating the site with the Buy with Prime badge and messaging. The team also incorporated a dedicated Buy with Prime collections page to showcase the brand’s best-selling SKUs that offer Buy with Prime, making it easy for shoppers to find popular products that are shipped as fast as one day.

A familiar signal of trust

Many of the 100+ Buy with Prime merchants that CedCommerce has worked with have leveraged the Buy with Prime badge and messaging on their sites and marketing materials to signal to Prime members that they offer a familiar shopping experience. Tapping into the trust of Prime can be critical as increasingly skeptical shoppers look for indicators that they can trust a brand online. So having the instant recognition of Buy with Prime on ecommerce sites becomes a significant advantage.

When Prime members see the familiar Prime logo and delivery promise directly on a brand’s site, they can feel confident that they’re going to get a checkout and delivery experience that they love from

In working with merchants, Shivangi has had a front-row seat to shoppers’ experiences with Buy with Prime. “The best part has been the swift and streamlined checkout flow,” she notes. “The convenience of the Prime shopping experience offered directly on ecommerce sites, including the fast, free delivery and secure checkout, is truly a buyer’s paradise.”

A solution with long-term value

CedCommerce has also helped Carbone Fine Food, led by chef Mario Carbone, enhance its site’s shopping experience with Buy with Prime. Ahead of the 2023 holiday shopping season, CedCommerce worked with Carbone to optimize its site and add Buy with Prime to its popular pasta sauces. In December, the brand got shout-outs on X and Instagram by The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. As orders started coming in, Buy with Prime helped Carbone streamline fulfillment and ensure each customer’s order was fulfilled with care—and fast, free delivery.

And because merchants keep order and customer information for Buy with Prime orders, Carbone can connect directly with the customers that it earned during the holidays.

Says Shivangi, “Receiving customer and order information for Buy with Prime orders—and using it to build direct relationships with customers—is something that really makes merchants feel empowered.”

Being able to nurture these relationships and convert Prime members into high-value customers who return to spend more on a site is essential for long-term growth. Individual sales aside, companies tend to achieve greater profitability by focusing on building customer satisfaction and increasing customer lifetime value (CLV), Shivangi explains. Merchants can leverage Buy with Prime analytics in the merchant console to segment customers, track repeat purchasers, and identify trends that can inform product and marketing strategies.

From establishing trust to offering fast, free delivery to supporting CLV, Buy with Prime is helping CedCommerce’s clients all along their customers’ journey. And for brands like Carbone and In the Kitchen with Alexandra that are investing in their omnichannel strategies, every touchpoint or stage of the customer journey is critical to growth.


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