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Case study: Corkcicle

Power Digital helps this drinkware brand uncork omnichannel growth using Amazon DSP for Buy with Prime.

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Drinkware company Corkcicle faced a challenge that many brands experience in omnichannel marketing: It wanted to increase conversion rates and return on ad spend (ROAS) across all the channels it was engaging with prospective customers at different points of their journey. The brand has built a solid customer following around its trendy, functional drinkware, including stemless wine glasses, insulated canteens, and travel cups. But it was looking for ways to enhance its omnichannel marketing strategy to convert more shoppers on its ecommerce site, especially as the gifting season ramped up.

Power Digital, a growth marketing firm and Buy with Prime Partner that was already working closely with Corkcicle, offered the brand a new way to get in front of engaged shoppers. Amazon DSP for Buy with Prime merchants presents a unique opportunity for Corkcicle to use Amazon shopping signals to connect with the most relevant, purchase-ready Amazon audiences as they browse thousands of sites across the web. The exclusive display ad solution helps drive those engaged shoppers to the Buy with Prime collection page and individual product pages on Corkcicle’s ecommerce site.

“We’re always looking for ways to bring convenience to our customers,” says Amanda Nelson, VP of Ecommerce at Corkcicle. “Amazon DSP ads allowed us to drive Amazon shoppers—prospective customers—to our website where they could better understand the brand and product offering. This, paired with an easy and familiar checkout from Buy with Prime, was intriguing.”

Eager to test Amazon DSP for Buy with Prime, Corkcicle and Power Digital built and launched a holiday campaign to evaluate its impact on sales, ROAS, and new customer acquisition. The Power Digital team had a quick turnaround time, but given previous experience with Amazon DSP and “the added value of the Buy with Prime checkout option, the results would be worth the effort,” says Amanda Winton, Senior Retail Advertising Strategist at Power Digital.

Turns out, she was right. When combined with Corkcicle’s full-funnel strategy from September to December, Amazon DSP for Buy with Prime helped Corkcicle boost total ROAS 488% and increase new-to-brand customers.


A new tool for omnichannel advertisers

Amazon DSP is a programmatic advertising solution that can help Buy with Prime merchants address the exact challenge Corkcicle was up against: driving engaged shoppers directly to its ecommerce site to complete their purchase. Corkcicle and Power Digital worked together to employ Amazon DSP ads across an expansive ad placement network to remarket to shoppers interested in Corkcicle products, or similar products and categories. The unique audiences they built were based on shopping signals from Amazon product listings and signals from the brand’s own site. Corkcicle also decided to include a mix of customer segments built on the advertising success it currently sees on TikTok, Meta, Google, and Amazon.

The Amazon DSP campaign ran across the web, including on Amazon-owned pages like iMDB and on third-party sites and apps. The ads, which feature the Buy with Prime badge alongside Corkcicle products, directed shoppers to a dedicated Buy with Prime collection page on

Buy with Prime collection page on

Results that speak volumes

Corkcicle’s omnichannel strategy paired with an Amazon DSP campaign for its Buy with Prime products from December 1–31 delivered remarkable results. When combined with Corkcicle’s full-funnel strategy, Amazon DSP helped deliver a combined ROAS of $4.35 across Google, TikTok, Meta, and, and its attributed sales through Buy with Prime. This represented an impressive 488% increase in total ROAS from September to December, with the Amazon DSP campaign for Buy with Prime playing a big role in December.

“Seeing the ads drive direct sales at goal, quickly, and on their own, was encouraging,” says Nelson. “Once they were added to our existing omnichannel sales funnel through remarketing, we were able to reach efficiencies and sales far above our goals.” These results showcase the effectiveness of making Amazon DSP part of a full-funnel, omnichannel strategy.

Corkcicle and Power Digital ensured that adding Amazon DSP to a Buy with Prime campaign strategy wouldn’t take away from the effectiveness of existing marketing campaigns. Corkcicle was already running traditional Amazon DSP advertising, so extending the strategy to Buy with Prime had to be adjusted, including extending look-back windows and honing in on unique audience segments. But, Nelson was confident that there was a way to make it all work. “We were initially concerned with cannibalizing our website and Amazon Store sales,” she says. “However, Power Digital was very intentional with marketing to mitigate these concerns. This prevented us from overlapping with our existing Amazon DSP remarketing and channel targeting.”

Considerations for omnichannel merchants

When the Power Digital team consults with omnichannel merchants like Corkcicle, they suggest adopting a full-funnel approach and leveraging the Amazon DSP solution for Buy with Prime for maximum impact. The retail media team at Power Digital never wants a brand to rely on remarketing alone—an unsustainable strategy that doesn’t lead to long-term growth. Amazon DSP for Buy with Prime helps unlock Amazon first-party shopping signals, which can help drive new-to-brand shoppers to a site through upper-funnel campaigns.

Corkcicle’s success highlights the importance of evaluating results through an omnichannel lens and recognizing the interconnectedness of different channels. “TikTok, Meta, Google, and Amazon are all places where shoppers learn and make their purchase decisions,” Winton explains. “It’s important to understand their paths to purchase and use this lens to guide your marketing decisions.”

Power Digital sees further potential in experimenting with the content in display ads to further enhance engagement and conversions. As omnichannel retail continues to evolve, testing innovative approaches is crucial for sustained success and reaching shoppers wherever they are. Corkcicle’s collaboration with Power Digital and the implementation of Amazon DSP for its Buy with Prime products helped drive immediate results and also provided valuable insights for future omnichannel campaigns.