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Will Buy with Prime impact my business?

You can have a successful online store without sacrificing your business. Here’s how.


As a successful Amazon seller, you’ve probably considered expanding your reach with an omnichannel selling strategy. For many merchants, Amazon’s built-in audience, world-class fulfillment, and low barrier to entry might feel like the only channel you need. Having an ecommerce website where you sell directly to your consumers might seem like an afterthought—or might even seem counterproductive to your Amazon business.

Buy with Prime has changed that equation.

“We’ve seen over the past several years how brands have shifted their mindset,” says Liran Hirschkorn, Founder and CEO of Incrementum Digital, a Buy with Prime Partner. “At the end of the day, you want to be where your shoppers are. And for 99% of brands, that means you want to be on Amazon and have your own ecommerce website. Brands that have been very Amazon focused are seeing the opportunity to sell on social media, drive traffic to their own website, and have direct communication channels. And Buy with Prime presents a huge opportunity for them to test the waters of an omnichannel strategy.”

For existing Amazon merchants looking to expand to additional sales channels, Buy with Prime can help bridge the gap—making it possible to balance both a successful Amazon business and a successful ecommerce site at the same time, reaching even more shoppers where they’re already shopping.

“Buy with Prime does that by essentially offering a road map for merchants to expand beyond Amazon,” Liran explains. The multifaceted solution addresses many of the concerns that he hears from clients who are hesitant to embrace an omnichannel strategy, including:

  • Who will handle my warehousing?
  • How fast are my shipping speeds going to be?
  • How will returns be handled?
  • How will shoppers know that they can trust my site?
  • Do shoppers think my checkout feels safe?
  • How can I communicate with customers after they make a purchase?
  • What access do I have to customer data for email marketing and post-purchase monetization?
  • What are my remarketing opportunities?
  • How can I encourage shoppers to return to their abandoned carts?
  • How easy is it to optimize my conversion rate?
  • How do I know if my landing pages are optimized for SEO and conversion?

Help increase conversion rates

“We’ve had many Amazon sellers tell us, ‘Well, a couple of years ago I tried selling on my own site and I didn’t have that much success,’” Liran says. “Buy with Prime is a new opportunity to tell them that it might be worthwhile to give it another go, because now they have something that can help boost their conversion rate.”

Buy with Prime has been shown to increase shopper conversions by an average of 25%.* And as Liran notes, Buy with Prime also makes it easier for brands that are wary of investing in ecommerce to see how that difference in conversion rate can affect their overall business.

“If you’re established on Amazon but you’re not necessarily getting the success you want off of Amazon, or you want to see if you can improve your shopper conversion rates on your ecommerce site, testing Buy with Prime on a few products is one of the best ways to do it,” Liran says. “We had one client choose to test only products that weren’t selling well on the website consistently. When he added Buy with Prime, he saw an increase in conversions right away on those products.”

Effective conversion rate optimization is directly linked to experimentation and iteration, and Buy with Prime makes it simpler to evaluate performance impact through A/B testing.

“Because you have a higher conversion rate with Buy with Prime, you can spend more money on marketing to acquire customers, which might help you get ahead of your competitors,” Liran adds.

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Omnichannel growth

“There are plenty of benefits to having your own ecommerce site, including the ability to tell more of your brand story and communicate directly with your audience. You have more control over those aspects,” Liran says. “But at the same time, when shoppers land on a website that they’ve never heard of, establishing trust is huge. With Buy with Prime on your site, shoppers can see the Prime logo and delivery promise—you have the trust factor built in.”

Buy with Prime offers shoppers a trusted, familiar checkout flow in just a few simple clicks, with no new accounts to create, address details to fill out, or credit card information to enter on an unfamiliar website. In fact, 70% of surveyed merchants indicate that Buy with Prime increases shopper trust in their brand, according to an August 2023 Buy with Prime Customer Satisfaction Survey. And because the Buy with Prime buy-now widget uses Amazon Pay, that seamless checkout can help reduce up to 65% of the buyer friction that leads to abandoned carts.

“Ecommerce brands also struggle adding social proof to their websites with reviews that their customers actually trust,” Liran says. “That’s another area where Buy with Prime can help.”

You can display Reviews from Amazon directly on the product detail pages on your site when you offer Buy with Prime, helping you build customer confidence and brand credibility. When merchants added Reviews from Amazon to their site, they have experienced a +38% increase in shopper conversion, on average.**

“When you have an ecommerce site, all these questions about consumer trust need to be addressed,” Liran says. “The conversion uplift we’ve seen for sites offering Buy with Prime are higher because of that trust factor.”

Simplified ecommerce fulfillment

“When you branch out into ecommerce sales beyond Amazon, one of your biggest considerations is how your products reach your customers,” Liran acknowledges. Logistics, warehousing, shipping speeds, how returns are handled—these are all things that merchants are concerned about off of Amazon. And logistics and fulfillment is one of the areas that Buy with Prime can make easier for ecommerce brands.”

Fulfilled using Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF), Buy with Prime orders come with the Prime delivery promise of free 1–2 shipping, transparent delivery estimates, and easy, free returns on eligible items. Buy with Prime also taps Amazon’s best-in-class customer service for Buy with Prime order-related customer queries. Buy with Prime orders are also protected by the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee.

“Logistics don’t have to be complex,” Liran says. “With Buy with Prime, you just send your inventory to Amazon, and it handles the rest.”

Because you’re already selling on Amazon, you can take advantage of a single pool of inventory for your sales (Fulfillment by Amazon) and your Buy with Prime orders. This simplifies inventory inbounding and creates flexibility with fluctuations in demand.

You can also use MCF to fulfill your other ecommerce orders, such as those placed through your site’s native checkout or if you decide to start selling on social. Those orders are also fulfilled from the single pool of inventory distributed across Amazon fulfillment centers. Using Buy with Prime and MCF helps you scale your ecommerce business and logistics operations on demand with pay-as-you-go pricing. (See pricing for Buy with Prime and MCF.) Merchants using MCF to simplify fulfillment get reliable, cost-effective automation that scales, industry-leading back-end logistics, and automated inventory management.

Direct relationships with customers

“Connecting with consumers is critically important for ecommerce brands,” Liran says. “Ecommerce businesses want to do email marketing and post-purchase campaigns. They want to email shoppers who abandoned their carts, and remarket to customers who already made a purchase.”

Because you keep customer and order information for Buy with Prime orders, including email addresses, you can use it to connect with and build relationships directly with your customers. You can evaluate purchasing trends and create personalized remarketing and nurture campaigns. Buy with Prime analytics empower you to get the most out of your order, return, and customer data. Here are just a few of the built-in advantages:

“In retail, it’s more important than ever to know who your audience is and where you can get in front of them,” Liran says. “No matter how content you are selling on Amazon, there’s a new way of thinking that says the more options you can give your customers to discover and interact with your brand, the better. By effectively lowering the barriers to entry for direct-to-consumer sales, Buy with Prime provides a great opportunity for Amazon businesses to take the next step in ecommerce growth.”

*This data point measures the average increase in shoppers who placed an order when Buy with Prime was an available purchase option versus when it was not, during the same time period.

**Data is from a sample of 8 Buy with Prime merchants with average monthly site traffic between 10k and 1M and compares the number of shoppers who placed an order when Reviews from Amazon was present on a product page versus when it was not, during the same time period.

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