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White Elephant gifts they’ll fight over

Explore these brands for some gifts that will keep this year’s White Elephant gift exchange exciting.


Would you rather have a quick game of White Elephant—with minimal stealing or deal-making—or watch people’s personalities come alive as they fight over some highly desirable gifts? If you chose the latter, we’ve got some gift ideas for you.

This gift guide offers some fun finds that friends and family will clamor over during this year’s White Elephant—a party game where attendees exchange and swap entertaining gifts. If you’re a Prime member, find your favorite item and then check out using Buy with Prime to get fast, free shipping. And if you end up keeping the gift for yourself, don’t worry—we won’t tell anyone.

The Banana Phone | Banana Phone
Because why not? This rechargeable banana-shaped Bluetooth handset doubles as a speaker to increase laughs and smiles. Yellow? It’s me.


Four-Lipstick Luxe Gift Set | Bossy Cosmetics
If any lipstick lovers are attending the gift exchange, consider getting this stunning four-pack from Bossy Cosmetics. Featuring vegan, cruelty-free lipsticks in four glamorous colors, these beauties also work to keep lips feeling hydrated. Pucker up, lovelies.


Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate 4-Pack | Explorer
For the coffee lovers in your crowd, this gift just might get them buzzing. Cold brew concentrates from Explorer are available in four different caffeine levels - from No Caf to Extra Caf - to satisfy all types of caffeine cravings. We’ll sip to that.


Diamond Martini Glasses | Dragon Glassware
For those who like a little luxury, pick these diamond-shaped martini glasses. These high-quality glasses are perfect for any occasion that requires some upscale tastes. They already come in gorgeous gift packaging, making it an easy choice for White Elephant. Shall we toast?


Digital Art Gallery | BillionDollarArtGallery
Art is all around us, but this gift brings museum-level works to a home TV. The BillionDollarArtGallery displays 500 paintings from museums around the world, and helps viewers learn more about the work and the museum it lives in. What a view!


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