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What makes Buy with Prime so great?

Now Prime members can get the shopping benefits they love on sites across the web.


Have you come across the familiar Prime Smile at your favorite brand’s online store? That’s right, a Prime logo signaling that you can check out with Buy with Prime to use your Prime membership on sites beyond!

The exciting news is that Prime members like you can get the familiar Prime shopping benefits of fast, free delivery and transparent delivery times on shops across the web. Plus, all purchases made using Buy with Prime carry the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee.

From skincare to personal wellness to coffee, you can discover new brands using Buy with Prime to make online shopping easier for you. Learn more about how you can enjoy Prime shopping benefits beyond

What does Buy with Prime really mean?

Designed to extend the convenience and familiarity that millions of Prime members love, Buy with Prime makes shopping online easier. Watch this video to see how it works.


What makes Buy with Prime different from Prime?

Buy with Prime brings Prime shopping benefits to more stores across the web.

As a Prime member, you’re likely enjoying the savings, convenience, entertainment options, and many other perks of shopping on

If you live and shop in the US, you can take advantage of the Prime shopping benefits that you love and trust when making purchases at participating online stores using Buy with Prime.

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What’s so great about Buy with Prime?

Buy with Prime purchases come with the promise of fast, free delivery, easy returns, and a checkout experience that millions of shoppers love.

When shopping at participating online stores, look for the Buy with Prime button on product pages. You might find it near the “Add to Cart” or “Add to Bag” button.


After clicking on the Buy with Prime button, you are prompted to sign in to your Amazon account. Once signed in, you are directed to the checkout page, which is automatically and securely prepopulated with your preferred shipping and payment information from your Amazon account.

After completing your order, you receive a series of emails to confirm your order and shipment status, like the notifications you get for purchases made on Also, for eligible items purchased using Buy with Prime, you get a streamlined returns and refunds experience.

Does Buy with Prime do free returns?

When using Buy with Prime, you get easy, free returns on eligible items. Buy with Prime orders are covered by the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee.

You can start the return process using the link in your order confirmation email. If you have any further questions about returns, contact the online store where you placed your ordered—the contact information is included in your order confirmation email too. Learn more about how returns work in the shopper FAQ.

Which brands offer Buy with Prime?

The number of online stores that offer Buy with Prime is growing. You can find participating brands across a wide variety of product categories, ranging from home and garden to food and beverage to beauty and grooming. Maybe one of your favorite brands are already using Buy with Prime! Explore brands using Buy with Prime today.

You can also discover products from Black-owned businesses, support women founders, check out some of the latest collections, or discover new Buy with Prime brands on social.

We know social proof matters when you’re shopping online, especially for brands that you’re discovering for the first time. That’s why some participating brands include reviews from customers who purchased the same product on So, if you’re shopping on an online store using Buy with Prime for, say, a backpack and lunch box set for your kids and you want to hear what other customers are saying about the products, scroll down to check out the reviews section. On the product page, you can see the Amazon star ratings and reviews shared by the brand’s customers.


How do I get customer support for a Buy with Prime order?

You can always check the status of your Buy with Prime order by clicking on the link in your order and shipment confirmation emails. The link directs you to the order detail page, where you can choose “Get support” and select a relevant issue. Then, a suggested resolution appears automatically.

If you need more help, you can always send a message to the online store where you made your Buy with Prime purchase.

How do I sign up for Buy with Prime?

If you’re already a Prime member, there’s no signup required. You can enjoy the Prime shopping benefits that you love and trust at participating online stores right now!

Not a Prime member? Sign up to start your free 30-day trial today.

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