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What is Buy with Prime: A beginner’s guide

Offer your shoppers fast, free delivery and a trusted checkout directly on your site.

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It’s no secret that Prime members enjoy a variety of shopping benefits. They get an easy, secure checkout, they get their orders shipped in 1–2 days for free, and they get free returns on eligible items. They get all these perks and more when they shop on

But what if those same Prime shopping benefits were available to Prime members on online stores beyond

Buy with Prime does just that. For merchants seeking to grow their ecommerce businesses beyond, Buy with Prime offers a new way to attract and convert Prime members on their own websites.

The familiar shopping experience that millions of Prime members trust is available for stores across the web—and merchants using it are seeing positive results. According to a Buy with Prime August 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey, 70% of surveyed merchants indicate that Buy with Prime increases shopper trust in their brand. The flow-on effect of this increased trust has been greater conversions. Buy with Prime has been shown to increase shopper conversion by 25%, on average.*


Buy with Prime benefits for ecommerce businesses

Beyond attracting Prime members to their sites and offering a familiar shopping experience trusted by millions, Buy with Prime helps empower merchants to sell more and grow faster.

First, Buy with Prime puts merchants in the driver’s seat regarding control of order and customer information, including email addresses. This not only helps them to build direct relationships with their customers, but also allows them to create customized marketing campaigns to entice customers to discover new products.

Second, running an ecommerce business is hard work, and Buy with Prime can help merchants streamline their business operations and simplify fulfillment. With Buy with Prime, merchants that already sell on can use existing inventory at Amazon fulfillment centers in a shared pool to fulfill orders on and off of

Businesses that currently use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) can add Buy with Prime to their online store in minutes by tapping into the inventory already stored in Amazon fulfillment centers. If you’re using either FBA or MCF, it’s easy to get started.

Buy with Prime marketing benefits

Online businesses face a variety of marketing challenges—regardless of where they sell. And attracting engaged shoppers and reducing cart abandonment are two key priorities for ecommerce businesses.

Fortunately, participating businesses have access to a host of marketing solutions and resources to attract and engage Prime members. Buy with Prime can help address some of these marketing challenges by:

Learn more about Buy with Prime marketing solutions and Reviews from Amazon.

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Buy with Prime shopper benefits

Consumers have so many choices when shopping online. Buy with Prime resonates with Prime members who have grown to love the shopping benefits that they get on, including fast, free delivery and easy returns. Buy with Prime is an extension of those Prime shopping benefits. Specifically, businesses using Buy with Prime can offer these benefits to Prime members on their sites:

  • Product selection: Prime members can discover more brands and online stores where they can use their Prime shopping benefits.
  • A trusted checkout: Prime members experience the seamless, secure checkout that they trust from
  • A convenient checkout: Prime members can check out faster using the shipping and payment information that’s securely stored in their Amazon accounts.
  • Fast, free delivery: Prime members get the free 1–2 day shipping that they enjoy from
  • Easy returns: Prime members get free returns on eligible items, and all Buy with Prime orders are protected by the A-to-z Guarantee.

Buy with Prime empowers ecommerce businesses and shoppers alike. Businesses get new tools to attract, engage, and convert Prime members. Shoppers get to use their Prime memberships to discover new brands and products, streamline their shopping experience, and get fast, free delivery beyond

If you’re interested in adding Buy with Prime to your online store, you can sign up today.

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*This data point measures the average increase in shoppers who placed an order when Buy with Prime was an available purchase option versus when it was not, during the same time period.

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