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Shopping with Prime beyond

Now Prime members can realize Prime shopping benefits on more stores across the web.


There’s something new to love about Prime. Millions of Prime members already take advantage of fast, free delivery, easy returns, and exclusive deals with their Prime subscription. And now the world of Prime just got even bigger.

Buy with Prime is an exciting offering that allows Prime members to realize Prime shopping benefits on more stores across the web.

How can I get Prime shopping benefits beyond

As a Prime member, you can make purchases at participating online stores using the Buy with Prime button. When you see the Buy with Prime button on a product page, you click through, sign in to your Amazon account (if you’re not already logged in), and then rest assured that you’re getting the trusted shopping experience you’ve come to expect on

Do I still get free 1-2 day shipping when I use Buy with Prime?

Yes! Buy with Prime purchases come with the promise of 1-2 day shipping and easy returns on eligible orders. You’ll receive a confirmation email after making your purchase, as well as delivery estimates and a shipping confirmation email with a link for tracking when your order is shipped.

How do I make a purchase using Buy with Prime?

Buy with Prime uses the speedy and seamless checkout experience you get on, empowering you to shop directly from participating merchants with ease.

Just look for the Prime smile on product pages when you visit online brands using Buy with Prime. What’s great about the Buy with Prime checkout experience is that it uses your preferred payment and shipping information securely stored in your Amazon account. Start skipping order and payment information forms like a VIP.

Where can I use Buy with Prime?

You can explore the many merchants offering Buy with Prime products from this list. Buy with Prime makes it easy to discover up-and-coming brands and exciting new products. The ever-expanding selection of products includes everything from school supplies from Yoobi to portable projectors from Miroir, natural bath and body products from Live by Being, and incredible gifts from merchants like Cloud Massage, Huggibles, Bay 15, and Super Handy.

Are my Buy with Prime purchases protected?

When you order using Buy with Prime on participating online brand sites, you get the trusted, state-of-the-art security and data protection you enjoy when making purchases on All eligible Buy with Prime orders are covered by the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee.

Do I need to sign up?

If you’re a Prime member, it couldn’t be simpler to enjoy the added benefits of Buy with Prime. You already have them — no sign up required! Just hit that friendly Buy with Prime button wherever you see it, and the rest is automatic.

Buy with Prime offers new opportunities to get the seamless and convenient Prime shopping experience you know and love.

Not a Prime member yet? Sign up for a free 30-day trial and start enjoying Prime shopping benefits on sites beyond Amazon.

John Kultgen