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Shopping spotlight: The Cat Ladies

Explore pet grass kits that provide nutritious treats for your favorite cats.


The nap lovers, the midnight racers, the bread makers, and the toy pouncers—we love all the house cats. But with these lovable quirks come aspects that cat owners don’t love: the hairballs that cats leave right where we’re about to step, or the messes from upset stomachs that are left like a welcome gift on our favorite rugs.

That’s why The Cat Ladies started making pet-friendly grass that helps house cats get the fiber and nutrition they need for healthy digestion and hairball control. The small business creates kits that help owners grow organic pet grass in about 5-7 days. Featuring organic wheat, oats, rye, and barley, its proprietary blend provides important sources of vitamins, essential minerals, and nutrients that cats don’t always get in their daily food.

This snack doesn’t just aid in digestion—it can also help keep cats from chewing on and playing with houseplants, which aren’t always safe for them to ingest. Inge Lobb, the Cat Lady behind The Cat Ladies, explains, “Cats are always seeking fiber, and sometimes they try to get that fiber from houseplants. Unfortunately, some houseplants can be toxic for cats. That’s where our products come in.”

Explore the following products from The Cat Ladies to find the right pet grass product for your cat or for other cat parents you know. All featured products are available for fast, free shipping for Prime members when you check out using Buy with Prime.

Growing kit with ceramic planter
This kit includes a white ceramic planter and a bamboo tray for a clean, modern style that matches any interior design. It comes with organic soil disks, seed mix, and simple instructions for growing grass up to four inches in about a week.


Black cat mug kit
This cute little mug is full of personality. And once the grass starts growing, it’ll have stylish hair, too! The kit includes soil and seed mix to grow grass that helps cats thrive, and houseplants survive. The mugs are also available in white with black whiskers and a Hello Kitty design.


Raised cat bowls with cat grass
This ergonomic feeder makes cat grass and your cat’s traditional food accessible in one sleek tray. The kit includes a bamboo raised feeder tray, two ceramic bowls, a ceramic planter, soil disks, and seed mix to help cats eat and drink comfortably. The ceramic bowls are even removeable and dishwasher-safe to make refills and clean-ups easy.


Cat grass refill kit
The refill kit is all you need if you’re looking for a grass refill or you have your own container. This kit has three soil disks and three packets of seed mix to ensure steady supply.


Cat grass seed
In case you just need seeds, The Cat Ladies sell those separately. Their proprietary blend is rich in nutrients, aids healthy digestion, and provides hairball control to help cats thrive.


Looking for more styles to pick from? Head over to The Cat Ladies’ website to explore more options.

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