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Is your checkout working for your customers?

Consumers expect online shopping to be easy, so make your checkout simpler by adding Buy with Prime to your site.

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A time traveler from five years ago is shocked when they visit a modern brick-and-mortar store: Self-checkout? Just walk out technology? These evolutions are transforming the way we shop.

Online shopping has also seen its share of change, but many ecommerce businesses lack the resources to offer an enterprise-level checkout experience to their shoppers.

What happens when shoppers aren’t happy with a site’s checkout? They leave.

Let’s examine some stats. According to Baymard Institute:

  • 69.8% is the average cart abandonment rate — worldwide, across ecommerce businesses of all sizes — and most carts are abandoned due to a bad checkout experience
  • 48% of shoppers don’t complete their purchase because of extra costs (shipping or payment fees)
  • 24% bounce because they were asked to create yet another account
  • 17% found the checkout to be too slow or complicated
  • 9% were unsatisfied with the offered payment options

An easy checkout is crucial for ecommerce success, and now you can offer shoppers the trust of Prime in the checkout flow directly on your site. Buy with Prime lets Prime members buy products from your site while using the information stored in their Amazon accounts.

Offer Buy with Prime. Convert more shoppers.

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How does Buy with Prime Checkout work?

It’s worth noting that Buy with Prime does not replace your sites’ native checkout experience. It does, however, offer a new option for Prime members shopping beyond

When you add the Buy with Prime badge to your product detail pages and a customer clicks on it, they are directed to a Buy with Prime-hosted checkout. Customers log into their Amazon account, speed through the checkout with pre-populated shipping and payment information, and then Amazon Pay processes their order.

Once their purchase is complete, shoppers are redirected back to your website. It’s that easy.

And guess what? When you receive customer order information - including email addresses - for purchases made using Buy with Prime on your site. This allows you to build direct relationships with your customers. Learn more about Buy with Prime information handling.

Top benefits of adding Buy with Prime to your checkout experience

  1. Trusted checkout: Convert shoppers with a familiar purchasing experience, using the security and reliability of Amazon Pay, that millions of Prime members love.
  2. Speedy checkout: Shoppers can use information stored in their Amazon accounts. They just log in and confirm their shipping and payment details. No need to create a new account or fill out form fields.
  3. Secure checkout: Buy with Prime purchases require shoppers to log into their Amazon account where their information is securely stored.

Additionally, Buy with Prime purchases are completed using Amazon Pay, which is backed by the fraud protection technology used on

Today’s shoppers prefer a seamless and optimized checkout so they can complete their purchases on the go, when, and how they want to. Buy with Prime can help you lean into the needs of today’s online shoppers by giving them a fast and secure checkout experience they trust and love.

When you add Buy with Prime to your site, you can leverage the latest Amazon checkout technology offering simplified fulfillment, increased engagement, and security. Learn more about getting started.

John Kultgen