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Introducing Buy with Prime for Salesforce

The benefits of Buy with Prime, now with advanced features for shoppers—join the interest list.


Did you know that ecommerce brands have another way to engage millions of Prime members on their site? Meet Buy with Prime for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, an integrated, customizable way to offer Prime shopping benefits directly on your Salesforce storefront.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud has established itself as a powerhouse among ecommerce providers, serving large and enterprise brands that require a customizable experience to meet the needs of their complex businesses. As Buy with Prime continues to innovate for businesses of all sizes while expanding our offerings to large and enterprise merchants like you, we’ve built a solution that integrates seamlessly with Salesforces’ advanced capabilities so you can provide a bespoke online shopping experience.

The solution helps you seamlessly integrate Buy with Prime into your entire tech stack on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, including both your shopper-facing storefront and your back-end tools and operations. Buy with Prime for Salesforce helps you connect with new shoppers and increase conversions by offering the convenient shopping benefits of Prime, including fast, free delivery, a trusted checkout, and easy returns. Additionally, the integration includes several new features that offer an improved shopping experience for Prime members, including ways for shoppers to filter and search for products that are Prime eligible and add any products from your catalog to one cart—whether they’re Prime eligible or not.

“The Buy with Prime integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud empowers businesses to offer their shoppers a new yet familiar purchasing option directly within their digital storefronts,” says Peter Larsen, Amazon Vice President of Buy with Prime. “Now with new features that build Buy with Prime seamlessly into search, cart, and checkout, Salesforce merchants have even more flexibility and functionality to provide Buy with Prime, while maintaining control over their stores’ look and feel.”

Adds Michael Affronti, Salesforce Sr. Vice President and Commerce Cloud General Manager, “Buy with Prime for Salesforce Commerce Cloud builds on our efforts to help ecommerce businesses drive profitable growth and superior shopping experiences. As companies look to scale and drive brand loyalty among new and returning shoppers, Buy with Prime offers Salesforce merchants a powerful tool to attract millions of Prime members and grow their businesses through the trusted Prime shopping experience.”

Buy with Prime for Salesforce is available for early access to select ecommerce businesses hosted on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. It will be available to US-based Salesforce merchants in the Salesforce AppExchange later this year.

Ready to add Buy with Prime to your Salesforce storefront?

Benefits of Buy with Prime for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

With this new integration, you can take advantage of the same benefits that Buy with Prime brings to all businesses, but with new advanced capabilities and a more efficient way to scale your ecommerce business.

Easier day-to-day management. Using the Buy with Prime buy-now or cart widgets, businesses hosting their stores on Salesforce Commerce Cloud have to manage Buy with Prime independent of their site. But with Buy with Prime for Salesforce, you can seamlessly integrate Buy with Prime into your entire tech stack, including your back-end operations and tools like your order management system (OMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It merges day-to-day management of Buy with Prime into your Salesforce instance by automatically syncing with Salesforce’s OMS, including orders, promotions, and catalog listings.

New shopper features. Buy with Prime for Salesforce also offers new features unique to this integration that improve the shopper experience and help boost trust. For the first time, you can offer an easy way to search for and filter by “Prime,” helping shoppers discover all of your products that are Prime eligible in one catalog view. Also unique to Buy with Prime for Salesforce, you can offer mixed-cart shopping. Site visitors can shop your entire site, adding products fulfilled with Prime and products fulfilled with other shipping methods to one cart and then checking out in one transaction—the way they’re used to on These new benefits are just two more ways that Buy with Prime can help you delight your shoppers and build trust with a unique shopping experience for Prime members on your site.

Increased conversions and customer acquisition. Although Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a solution preferred among enterprise brands, Amazon and Buy with Prime are committed to helping businesses of all sizes grow. So whether you’re a growing business looking to scale or a large established business looking to acquire new customers, Buy with Prime can help. By offering shoppers a familiar, trusted shopping experience directly on ecommerce sites, Buy with Prime has been shown to increase shopper conversion by an average of 25%.* Some businesses have seen even greater conversion uplift—bareMinerals saw a 60% increase after adding Buy with Prime to its site. New customer acquisition is another benefit of adding Buy with Prime to your ecommerce site. On average, businesses saw that three out of every four Buy with Prime orders come from new shoppers.**

A complete package for Salesforce businesses

Large ecommerce businesses with storefronts on Salesforce Commerce Cloud can take advantage of other ecommerce solutions from Amazon and Buy with Prime.

One pool of inventory across channels. If you’re an Amazon seller, orders placed on or directly on your site using Buy with Prime are fulfilled using the same pool of inventory within Amazon’s fulfillment network. This pooled inventory gives you the flexibility to scale across several ecommerce channels, reduce out-of-stock rates, and offer fast, reliable delivery because inventory is distributed across Amazon fulfillment centers to keep products closer to customers.

Fast, reliable fulfillment for all channels. You can tap that same pool of inventory if you use Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) to fulfill all of your other ecommerce orders, including from social channels, other ecommerce marketplaces, and your other brand websites. Because MCF uses the world’s largest fulfillment network, you can provide fast, reliable fulfillment for all of your customers’ orders. MCF boasts an average “click-to-door speed” of 1.9 days—over 50% faster than other retailers, according to August 2022 data from NielsenIQ and Insider Intelligence.

Scalability with Amazon Retail. If you’re an Amazon Retail vendor, you can use the Buy with Prime vendor solution to scale your business, reduce total cost of ownership, and build omnichannel efficiencies. You can consolidate inbounding of inventory that you sell to Amazon Retail and inventory for Buy with Prime, as well as allow real-time transfers from your Amazon Retail inventory to fulfill Buy with Prime orders.

Reach engaged audiences across the web. To help you attract relevant, purchase-ready Amazon audiences to the Buy with Prime products on your site, you can use a display ad solution offered exclusively to businesses using Buy with Prime on their sites. This solution uses unique Amazon shopping signals to remarket to shoppers interested in your products, or similar products and categories, as they visit third-party sites and apps beyond Amazon. Plus, get unique insights into where and how shoppers purchase your products, helping you maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS) and grow your ecommerce business across channels.

Go to the Buy with Prime for Salesforce Commerce Cloud page to learn more, or sign up to speak with our team and get early access to this exclusive opportunity.

*This data point measures the average increase in shoppers who placed an order when Buy with Prime was an available purchase option versus when it was not, during the same time period.

**Data is from a sample of 14 merchants with average monthly website traffic between 10K to 1.5M. “New shoppers” means shoppers who had not made a purchase on the merchant’s site since January 1, 2021 and completed a purchase using Buy with Prime.

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