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How ecommerce businesses are using Buy with Prime

With a front row seat to how online brands are using Buy with Prime, Equity Commerce leaders share their perspective.


Navigating the complexities of ecommerce is no easy task. To be successful, business leaders need to think about brand building, managing multiple sales channels, fulfillment logistics, and the customer experience among many other things.

Fortunately, experts like Equity Commerce and solutions such as Buy with Prime can help ease the burden for ecommerce brands.

Equity Commerce is an agency that specializes in helping brands find the right path to success. As a Buy with Prime Partner, the agency has helped businesses implement Buy with Prime for maximum results—and impressive ROI.

With a front row seat to understanding the pain points ecommerce brands face, Equity Commerce is in a unique position to offer insights into how merchants are experiencing Buy with Prime so far. And now, as the service rolls out more widely to US-based merchants, Equity Commerce’s expertise in Amazon business solutions can help drive adoption.

“Brands across the spectrum are very excited about Buy with Prime,” says Equity co-founder and managing partner George Wescott. “As a long-time Amazon integration partner, we have access to the tools to understand the value that merchants are getting from products like Buy with Prime.”

Cost savings and conversions

Wescott acknowledges that it’s still early days, but noted that his team is seeing significant enhancements in operational and fulfillment logistics among clients that have added Buy with Prime to their ecommerce sites.

Beyond the cost-saving benefits in fulfillment, logistics, and operations, brands are seeing ROI right away, Wescott says. “We’ve seen conversion rates increase above 25 percent—as high as 40 percent.”

This insight is consistent with what we’re hearing from merchants. Smart home device maker Wyze has seen a 25% lift in conversions since adding Buy with Prime, while Epic Water Filters saw conversions rise 40% on its site.

Buy with Prime has been shown to increase shopper conversion by an average of 25%. The data point measures the average increase in shoppers who placed an order when Buy with Prime was an available purchase option versus when it was not, during the same time period.

“The conversions and operational efficiencies are great, but it’s also easy to get up and running with Buy with Prime,” Wescott explains. “Brands are actually surprised by how easy it is to set up. At the end of the day, it’s a way to incrementally topline their business without a lot of friction.”

Effective SEO tactics

Equity Commerce President Kai Amos points to search engine optimization (SEO) as one of the biggest untapped opportunities for merchants considering Buy with Prime. Targeting the right keywords can help attract the right traffic to merchants’ sites. After creating a website, launching their domain, and adding Buy with Prime, merchants have seen great success focusing on driving traffic to their ecommerce site.

“It’s about identifying the right SEO keywords and queries to target and building a brand shoppers trust by leading them to relevant content based on their search query,” says Amos. “We help them get digitally optimized for Google, and we do that in a different way than a traditional agency.”

One approach, is through ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) targeting. According to Amos, “You can use products in-market and customer queries to identify relevant audiences and granular shopping behavior to direct engaged shoppers to make purchases on your site.”

Mining the data to understand shopper intent and creating a compelling brand message to attract the right shoppers to your site are critical for effective targeting. Wescott explains, “You organize offers for SEO to build awareness, leverage online communities or forums, use existing ASIN data to create offers that don’t exist anywhere else, and then tie it all back to shopper intent and the value they get.”

Attracting and nurturing the right customers

One unique element of Buy with Prime is that merchants capture customer information, including name, email address, shipping address, and phone number. This empowers merchants to create direct relationships with their customers, drive brand growth and traffic, and develop their own audiences beyond

In addition to owning their customer data from Buy with Prime purchases, merchants can tap into Buy with Prime marketing solutions designed to help them reach more engaged Amazon shoppers.

In a recent blog, Equity Commerce shined a spotlight on different advertising solutions Buy with Prime merchants have used to help fuel their growth. Such advertising tools, the blog noted, can help brands build a “sustainable ecommerce business away from Amazon.”

One challenge, Wescott says, is the newness of Buy with Prime and how it works with existing ecommerce platforms. “Making businesses aware of the opportunities Buy with Prime presents will only get easier, as more existing Amazon sellers move to develop their own ecommerce sales channels beyond”

Making it simple for merchants to integrate Buy with Prime into their existing technology stack is critical to drive adoption. According to Westcott, “The integration piece through customer emails is going to be important for returns because it allows merchants to communicate with customers through the API and hold shoppers’ hands through the process.”

In the meantime, as Buy with Prime continues to refine its service, Equity Commerce is excited about the potential of the solution to power a more personalized customer journey on ecommerce sites across the web.

As businesses look for new ways to delight customers, Westcott offers the following advice to merchants, “They should all adopt Buy with Prime. It’s a lifetime of growth and value play.”

To elevate their online brands and offer a convenient, trusted checkout experience using Buy with Prime, merchants can learn more about how Equity Commerce can help them get started.

If you’re ready to add Buy with Prime to your ecommerce site, you can sign up here.

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