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How Buy with Prime and Amazon Pay benefit your bottom line

Read how ecommerce businesses can delight shoppers, minimize fraud, and improve conversions.


When it comes to adopting new payment or fulfillment technology for your ecommerce site, you might ask: How will it affect my bottom line?

In this case, Amazon Pay and Buy with Prime work together as a dynamic digital duo that can provide a variety of business benefits, including driving more conversions.

On its own, Amazon Pay offers two key benefits:

1. Reduces cart abandonment and increases conversion rates

Twenty-four percent of shoppers abandon a site because they’re asked to create an account. When you add Amazon Pay to your site, you can increase conversion among valuable Prime customers by offering them the trusted, convenient, and familiar checkout they get on—but on your own ecommerce site.

2. Protects against fraud and reduces chargebacks

With Amazon Pay, businesses can harness the advanced fraud prevention technology used by

Amazon Pay uses the best-in-class AI and machine learning technology to deliver secure and trusted checkout on your site.

Let’s have a look at how Amazon Pay benefitted just two brands, Volt Lighting and Tristar Products. After implementing Amazon Pay, Volt Lighting, a landscape lighting online retailer, saw a 52% increase in conversions, when compared to before the adoption. Tristar Products, a pioneer among DTC brands, says that 10-12% of all purchases on the company’s sites are now made using Amazon Pay and it has noticed an improvement in customer experience and a measurable increase in sales.

So, what’s the bottom line? We know that calculating return on investment is complex, so Amazon Pay created a simple tool to help simulate the potential ROI of adopting the service, based on sales lift and processing fees. Take our ROI Conversion Simulator for a spin.

Now, let’s turn to the powerful combination of Amazon Pay and Buy with Prime.

Better together: Amazon Pay and Buy with Prime shopping benefits

Buy with Prime is a new offering designed to bring the shopping benefits of Prime to ecommerce businesses beyond

Think of it this way: Amazon Pay brings a proven way to improve conversions while helping protect online brands from fraud. Buy with Prime gives you a new way to grow your business by leaning into shoppers’ expectations of fast, free shipping and easy returns, while helping to simplify fulfillment and logistics.

With Buy with Prime, merchants receive their customer order information, including email addresses. This data can be used to provide customer service and build direct relationships with shoppers.

Using the Buy with Prime marketing toolkit sellers can drive shopper interest to their brand, but that’s not all. Merchants using Buy with Prime can also increase operational efficiencies by using their existing Amazon inventory to fulfill Buy with Prime orders. This allows Amazon to handle the payment, processing, storage, packing, delivery, and returns.

Streamlined operations, easy checkout, more customers, more conversions, more security, and a better experience–that’s the potential combined force of Amazon Pay and Buy with Prime.

Learn more about how to add the power of Buy with Prime and Amazn Pay to your ecommerce site.