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Help is just a live chat away

Connect with a live merchant support rep 24/7 for all of your Buy with Prime needs.


Whether you’re an ecommerce business owner with a question or a shopper facing a problem, getting help should be fast and easy—and available through the channel of your choice. According to a survey from Kayako, when it comes to reaching customer service, 41% of surveyed customers prefer live chat over phone (32%) or email (23%).

When you click on a live chat button, you reach support almost instantaneously, rather than waiting on hold for a representative over the phone or the days it may take to get an email response. According to the Comm100 2023 Live Chat Benchmark Report 2023, the average live chat wait time continues to decrease, averaging just 30 seconds in 2022. And through live chat support you can resolve your issue in less than 12 minutes on average.

Even more so than the average customer, merchants like you require fast and convenient support for all your Buy with Prime needs. That’s why we’ve added 24/7 live chat as a support channel.

We continue to innovate and improve Buy with Prime based on your feedback and needs, and live chat support is a perfect example. (We also offer live chat for Buy with Prime customers!) Merchant support live chat provides busy ecommerce businesses like yours with fast, effective resolutions to most problems. And getting help fast using live chat means more time for you to focus on what matters most—growing your business and delighting your customers.


What is merchant support live chat?

Buy with Prime has always offered 24/7 support for merchants through both phone and email. Now we’re adding live chat to make it even easier to get help and solve problems—which means more time to focus on your business. The live chat contact option is available right alongside existing phone and email support contacts in the merchant console.

“Live chat allows you to talk to our support team instantaneously, whenever you have issues,” says Buy with Prime Senior Product Manager Teja Bandaru. “And the reduced resolution time is a key benefit for both the merchant and our support team, because the faster issues are resolved, the happier our merchants are and the more efficient our support operation becomes. It’s a positive, virtuous cycle.”

Any open cases that you have with merchant support can always be found in the merchant console, along with a complete chat history with the support team. Additionally, you receive a transcript of the entire conversation once your chat has ended, so you can easily refer back to it.

Here are just a few of the benefits of merchant support live chat:

  • Get immediate assistance. Connect with a Buy with Prime merchant support representative instantly to get help in real-time—no waiting for an email or a phone call.
  • Share details easily. Once live chat is started, you can ask questions and explain your issue in detail, and then attach files to share additional context or examples with the representative.
  • Multitask if you need to. During the live chat, the chat window remains displayed throughout the merchant console, allowing you to multitask. You can navigate away from the support page without losing your conversation.
  • No bots, just expert humans. You always get a live member of our support team. They’re experts on all things “Buy with Prime,” says Teja, “and they can help you with any questions that you may have, from onboarding and setup to fulfillment and order support to taxes and payments.”

Our support team’s mission is to help you get the most out of Buy with Prime, empowering you to build relationships with your customers and drive sales. Because our support team is on the front lines with merchants, big and small, the product team stays closely connected to them and the feedback they share from merchants. This helps us learn about our merchants’ experiences, pain points, and top questions, fueling future updates and enhancements to Buy with Prime. So with every chat, email, and phone call, you’re actively helping us make Buy with Prime even better for you and your customers.

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Kelby Johnson