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Get the most out of the Buy with Prime app for Shopify

Four tips to help your Shopify business grow using Buy with Prime.


If you host your online store on Shopify, the Buy with Prime app for Shopify makes it easier to offer Buy with Prime to shoppers on your site. You can download the app from the Shopify App Store and manage your Buy with Prime product catalog directly in Shopify admin.

And that’s big for business. Buy with Prime is shown to increase shopper conversions by 25% on average.*

To help you get the most out of Buy with Prime, the following are four best practices every Shopify merchant should know about Buy with Prime.

1. Activate your best-selling SKUs

When adding Buy with Prime to your site, you’ll want to know how it impacts your sales. Offering a wider selection of your catalog, including top-selling SKUs, can help increase the chances that a customer will find your Buy with Prime products and make a purchase. We recommend offering Buy with Prime on all of your eligible products to help maximize your opportunity for improved sales and conversion rates.

When Prime members see the Buy with Prime badge on your best sellers, they’ll identify with a Prime shopping experience they know and love. Activating Buy with Prime on your top products will also give you the volume of data you need to understand how it’s impacting sales on your site.

And, you can manage all your Buy with Prime products and order data without leaving Shopify admin.

2. Create a Buy with Prime collection page

Make it easy for your customers to explore your Buy with Prime products by adding a collection page. This is a dedicated page used to showcase the Buy with Prime products on your site, so your shoppers know which products have fast, free shipping and easy returns.

The collection pages are also a great opportunity to display frequently asked questions (FAQ). An FAQ can help your customers learn more about Buy with Prime and how it impacts their checkout experience. Some common questions in an FAQ include:

  • What is Buy with Prime and how does it work?
  • How do I make a purchase using my Prime benefits?
  • Where can I check the status of my order?
  • What is the Buy with Prime return policy?
  • Who do I contact for questions about my order?
  • Do I have to be a Prime member to use Buy with Prime?
  • Can I check out using Buy with Prime if I’m not in the US?

Visit the Buy with Prime shopper experience guidelines to find FAQ that you can copy and paste directly onto your ecommerce site.

You can also use this video to help shoppers understand what Buy with Prime is and how to get the Prime shopping experience beyond Amazon. Learn how to embed this video on your site.

Check out how Scotch Porter is driving shopper awareness to Buy with Prime products on its site.

3. Display the Buy with Prime badge

Use the Buy with Prime badge across your marketing materials to signal to shoppers that they can use their Prime shopping benefits directly on your site.

Let your shoppers know that you offer Buy with Prime by using the Buy with Prime marketing toolkit. Here, you can download resources to support your omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Social Ads for Buy with Prime can help you engage shoppers on Facebook and Instagram with social ads that feature the trust of Prime. Social Ads for Buy with Prime helps save time by syncing your Buy with Prime catalog with your Meta catalog to dynamically create social media ads that include the Buy with Prime badge. Read more about how Social Ads for Buy with Prime work in the knowledge center.

4. Monitor inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers

The Buy with Prime badge only appears when you have inventory with Amazon. To help ensure you have enough inventory, we recommend taking a close look at your historical data and demand forecasts, analyzing past sales trends and future projections. Doing so can help you determine how much inventory you’ll need to satisfy forecasted demand across all your sales channels.

Make sure to keep an eye on your Amazon inventory directly in Shopify admin. Consider setting a weekly or bi-weekly reminder to look at your inventory levels so you can be sure you can fulfill Buy with Prime orders on your site.

Learn more about the inventory capacity benefits of adding Buy with Prime to your ecommerce site.

As we continue to innovate on the Buy with Prime app for Shopify and with other ecommerce providers, we’ll share updates and best practices in future articles on the Buy with Prime blog. To stay up to date, join our newsletter by submiting your email to the box to the right or at the bottom of the page.

Learn more about the Buy with Prime app for Shopify.

*This data point measures the average increase in shoppers who placed an order when Buy with Prime was an available purchase option versus when it was not, during the same time period.

Megan Kizer