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Our merchant support team is available when you need them, where you need them.


Ecommerce business owners face a variety of obstacles and have to solve innumerable problems every day. Walking that path can be isolating, and you might not always know where to turn with questions. That’s why Buy with Prime is here to give you the support that you need—whenever you need it, on the channel that works best for you.

The right kind of support can make or break a small business. As a business owner, your first priority is delighting your customers. Time spent troubleshooting technical difficulties and operational logistics is time spent away from that priority. With Buy with Prime merchant support, you can always expect timely and responsive care to any roadblocks that you encounter.

“Our north star is helping the ecommerce business owner find a resolution to their problem at the first stop,” says Fernanda Cunha, a Senior Program Manager for the merchant support team at Buy with Prime. “We don’t want them to have to look for answers in different places or be transferred multiple times.”

How to get in touch with merchant support

Whether you’re hoping to find self-service options through the knowledge center or talk to a human on the phone or through the live chat feature, the first step is signing in to the merchant console and clicking “Get support” from the bottom of the side menu. From there, you can see all of your open cases, as well as links to help content in the knowledge center that answers common questions.


If you can’t find your answers in the knowledge center, you can click “Contact us” in the top right corner of the page. From there, you have the option to select a topic that relates to your issue. Select your topic from the drop-down menu, and then select the channel that’s most convenient for you. You can get real-time support using the in-console live chat feature, request a callback to your preferred number within 15 minutes, or send an email and get a response within 24 hours.

If you choose live chat, you can ask questions and explain your issue in detail, and then attach files to share additional context or examples with the representative. During the live chat, the chat window remains displayed throughout the merchant console, allowing you to multitask. You can navigate away from the support page without losing your conversation.


Regardless of your preferred contact channel, the details of your case are always saved in the merchant console. There’s no need to go hunting through emails or text messages or trying to remember what the resolution of a phone call was, for example. The merchant console contains all the history of the correspondence with the support team and attachments that were added. Whether the inquiry was a live chat, phone call, or email, it all lives in the merchant console.

“When a merchant initiates a help query, they can see the status of that query and any follow-up directly in the merchant console,” Marcela explains. “We also send email notifications to the person, letting them know that we have taken action and referring them back to the console. Everything lives in the console. Anything we’ve worked on, they can see it there.”

What can merchant support help you with?

Our merchant support team is made up of listeners and experts in their craft. They’re continuously learning about the merchant experience so that they can better serve you. With a click or a call, our merchant support team can help you with any Buy with Prime-related question. According to Marcela Cabalceta, a Merchant Support Manager at Buy with Prime, the support team often fields questions about payments, fulfillment logistics, and Buy with Prime button troubleshooting.

“I handle the global team that provides frontline support to merchants,” says Marcela. “I ensure that we’re answering cases from merchants in the time that we commit to and that we understand everything that is happening with our merchants.”

What makes Buy with Prime merchant support unique?

Our support team’s mission is to help you get the most out of Buy with Prime and empower you to use it to build relationships with your customers that can help drive sales. With team members available 24/7, you can expect high-quality support whenever you need it.

Some specifics about what makes Buy with Prime merchant support unique include:

  • Fast responses when you need them, with 24/7 support. Running a business means that you’re always on the clock. You don’t have the luxury of signing out and not thinking about your business once the workday is done. You’re sometimes putting out fires at all hours of the day. And that means you need support at all hours of the day. Our merchant support team is always on and can provide you real-time help in just a moment’s notice.

    “We have team members working in multiple time zones, so that we’re able to offer 24/7 support,” says Marcela. “We always have people on call who are ready to dive into whatever problems merchants might be facing.”

  • Integrated feedback loops between merchant support and product teams. The Buy with Prime merchant support team is on the front lines with merchants and understands the challenges they face. They’re witness to the difficulties and setbacks of running a business on a daily basis.

    When problems are surfaced to merchant support, they’re shared with product managers. This integrated support approach allows us to use the inputs from merchants to fuel new product updates and improvements. Buy with Prime product managers depend on merchant support to provide those on-the-ground insights that they might not have visibility into. So, your help tickets are actively making Buy with Prime even better.

    “We’re willing to go the extra mile to find a solution,” says Fernanda. “We’ve come up against problems where the product manager had to make a last-minute decision about how the Buy with Prime button should work based on feedback the merchant support team was receiving. Our partnership with the product team really makes all the difference.”

  • Providing support across channels. Our integrated approach goes beyond the product team. We realize the importance of sharing what we learn from merchants with a variety of teams, including sales, marketing, and finance. This commitment to sharing allows us to provide support across multiple channels.

    “At Buy with Prime, the product isn’t seven layers removed from the frontline, and in the end, that’s valuable because merchant feedback is actually heard and acted on,” says Marcela. “Anything that can help resolve a case quicker is part of my responsibility.”

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