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Easy returns just got easier

Return Buy with Prime orders at more locations, with no box or label required.


Shopping beyond using Buy with Prime just got even more convenient, with easy returns now even easier.

Prime members who check out using Buy with Prime directly on brands’ sites can choose from an expanded number of dropoff locations to return items without boxing up or labeling them. Buy with Prime has always had free returns on eligible items, but now returns require minimal effort. To return items from a Buy with Prime order, you can simply bring the items to a dropoff location that’s most convenient for you.

Similar to the Prime returns experience on, you can choose from a number of return options, including label-free, box-free returns, and convenient dropoff locations at Amazon physical stores, Whole Foods Markets, or UPS Stores. At your preferred dropoff location, all you have to do is show a QR code and hand over the item.

“Offering label-free, box-free returns and expanding the number of dropoff locations for Buy with Prime customers is important because it creates a smoother, more convenient returns experience for them,” says Madhusudhan Tamraparni, Product Manager at Buy with Prime. “This upgraded returns process reduces the time and hassle of packaging an item and printing a return label, and it gives customers more options for where they can drop it off their returns.”


How the upgraded returns process works

All Buy with Prime orders are covered by the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee, and you can return eligible purchases for free within 30 days of delivery. You can initiate a return using the link in your Buy with Prime order confirmation email or on the order details page. If you can’t find your original order confirmation email, you can request a new one from the online store where you completed your Buy with Prime purchase.

Step 1: Click the link, and then follow the prompts to initiate a return for the item you no longer want.

Step 2: Enter a return reason, and then select a return method and location, such as “Amazon Stores Dropoff – no box or label needed.” You receive a unique QR code for your return.

Step 3: Within the return period, go to the dropoff location that you selected, show the QR code to the store associate, and hand over the item.

“That’s it,” emphasizes Madhusudhan. “No printing or packaging necessary, meaning you can get back to your day sooner.”


The store associate will pack the item and ship it for you. You receive an email that the return is being processed and might even receive a refund as fast as same day. If the return is eligible for instant refund, the refund is processed as soon as you drop off the product with the carrier. Otherwise, the return is processed after the product arrives at the fulfillment center and the refund is approved. Items that are in resalable condition will receive a full refund.

You can track the status of your return and refund in your Amazon account or on your Buy with Prime order details page that you can access through a link in your order confirmation or return confirmation email.

In some regions and cases, the traditional returns process might be the most convenient for you to return an item from a Buy with Prime order. For instance, your location and the item’s weight and dimensions may impact the available return options and drop off locations. If the item is eligible for return but not for the label-free, box-free option you can still return the item at USPS or UPS locations in a box with a return label.

Easier returns for Prime members

With Buy with Prime, you can use your Prime membership to check out directly on brands’ sites to get fast, free delivery, transparent delivery estimates, and free returns on eligible items. But now those returns are even more convenient, with expanded dropoff locations and no boxing or labeling necessary.

Says Madhusudhan, “Throughout 2023, label-free, box-free returns on Buy with Prime purchases are expanding to thousands of dropoff locations across the US, giving Prime members even more flexibility and convenience when it comes to where and how they shop—and how easily they can make returns.”

With all that extra time you have through the upgraded returns process, you can spend more time discovering and enjoying other products from your favorite online brands that offer Buy with Prime.

Lindsay Holloway