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Buy with Prime can take the headache out of fulfillment

Simplify your ecommerce operations by letting Amazon fulfill Buy with Prime orders on your own site.

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Complicated inventory maintenance, unreliable and costly freight shipping, missed deliveries, and returns processing — they’re the problems that keep ecommerce business owners awake at night.

But business leaders can’t simply ignore these challenges. Today’s online shoppers expect fast, free shipping and easy returns. Businesses that don’t offer these features risk being outrun by competitors. According to Baymard Institute, 48% of shoppers abandon their carts because of additional shipping fees, and 22% of shoppers abandon carts because delivery was too slow1.

Buy with Prime not only helps simplifies fulfillment and logistics, but also helps you delight customers with a secure and familiar shopping experience that they have come to expect.

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How does Buy with Prime simplify fulfillment?

Amazon handles the fulfillment and logistics for Buy with Prime orders made on your ecommerce site, including inventory storage, packing, shipping, delivery, and returns. For your customers, that means a seamless way to enjoy the Prime shopping experience beyond, including 1-2 shipping, transparent estimated delivery times, and free returns (for eligible orders). For you, this can result in less fulfillment headaches, fewer abandoned carts, more returning customers, and accelerated business growth.

Businesses using Amazon to manage their order fulfillment know that a system that is connected, reliable and cost-effective can help streamline backend logistics. Amazon offers two different order fulfillment services:

Buy with Prime - which leverages MCF - allows you to take advantage of Amazon’s world-class fulfillment network to fulfill orders from your own site. With automatic inventory placement, Amazon’s fulfillment centers can store products closer to customers to keep shipping costs low and help scale to meet seasonal surges.

With Buy with Prime, packages are delivered every day of the week and are easily trackable through the Buy with Prime merchant console. On top of that, the Buy with Prime checkout button is programmed to provide estimated delivery information for customers before they place an order, potentially enticing them to complete the purchase.

Buy with Prime can help you streamline the fulfillment process by leveraging Amazon’s operational expertise, fast shipping speeds, and global fulfillment networks.

How are Buy with Prime orders fulfilled?

Buy with Prime orders placed on your site are fulfilled using the MCF service, giving Prime members the Prime shipping experience they’ve come to expect. MCF picks, packs, and ships Buy with Prime orders by using the inventory that you keep in an Amazon’s network of fulfillment centers.

During the Buy with Prime onboarding process, one of the steps is to activate MCF and sync your Seller Central account to the Buy with Prime merchant console. After setup is complete, orders placed using Buy with Prime are automatically fulfilled by Amazon and are trackable in the merchant console.

Existing Amazon sellers using FBA can easily add Buy with Prime and use their FBA inventory for orders on their site. By using Amazon’s fulfillment services to fulfill both their and Buy with Prime orders, you can benefit by having a single pool of inventory that you can use for many of your online orders.

Merchants currently using FBA will find Buy with Prime fulfillment familiar, but slightly different. Buy with Prime orders can only be shipped to customers in the US, but businesses with global operations can continue to use their existing ordering processes to ship globally, while continuining to use Seller Central to monitor sales, cancellations, and pay fees for non-Buy with Prime orders.

How does Buy with Prime accelerate growth?

When you use Amazon fulfillment services on your own site, you can benefit from streamlining the fulfillment processes so you can focus on growing your business. Here’s how:

  1. By scaling operations — There’s no need to keep separate inventories. Instead, you can use the same inventory to fulfill both orders and Buy with Prime orders on your site.
  2. By automating order tracking — Buy with Prime purchases trigger a series of email notifications, including order confirmation, shipment status and order delivery.
  3. By delighting customers — Fast and free shipping, plus easy and free returns, can help entice shoppers into completing their purchases and even returning to the store for more.

How can you get started?

Existing businesses using Amazon fulfillment centers can start leveraging these fulfillment benefits using Buy with Prime within minutes. Learn more about Buy with Prime and fulfillment.

If you’re ready to add Buy with Prime to your ecommerce site, learn about the requirements to get started and sign up.

1 Baymard Institute’s “48 Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics 2022

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