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Introducing the Buy with Prime app for Shopify

The benefits of Buy with Prime, now with no-code installation and streamlined management.


With nearly one-quarter of ecommerce stores hosted on Shopify, Buy with Prime is making it easier for merchants to offer Prime shopping benefits on their Shopify sites with the Buy with Prime app for Shopify. The app seamlessly integrates the Buy with Prime checkout experience into your existing Shopify site and checkout flow without having to manually add code on the back end. It also streamlines management of your ecommerce business, allowing you to manage Buy with Prime directly in your Shopify admin—no toggling between consoles to keep everything up-to-date. The time savings gained from the Buy with Prime app for Shopify means more time to focus on building your business and connecting with your customers.

If you’re new to Buy with Prime, you can download the app and sign up for Buy with Prime directly from the Shopify App Store. If you’re already using Buy with Prime, you can switch from the buy-now widget to the app for an enhanced experience.

“The build of this app was a collaboration with Shopify, and we’re excited to help merchants not only grow their businesses, but also save time and resources while giving Prime members even more places to enjoy their shopping benefits,” says Peter Larsen, Amazon Vice President of Buy with Prime.

Adds Daniel Debow, Shopify Vice President of Product Partnerships, “Our merchants care deeply about choice, and this app will give them a new way to meet their customers where they are. More choice means more ways for our merchants to succeed, and that’s why we’re excited to collaborate with Amazon on the Buy with Prime app for Shopify.”

Benefits of the Buy with Prime app for Shopify

As a Shopify merchant using the Buy with Prime app, you can take advantage of the same benefits that Buy with Prime brings to all merchants, but with a more seamless integration and a more efficient way to scale your ecommerce business.

With the buy-now widget, Shopify merchants manage Buy with Prime independent of their Shopify admin. The Buy with Prime app for Shopify simplifies your day-to-day management by using your existing Shopify settings, customizations, and supported third-party app integrations. It automatically syncs different data and settings across Buy with Prime and Shopify, such as product catalog updates, promotions, and performance analytics, so you can manage it all in one place—directly in your Shopify admin.

“Since launching Buy with Prime last year, we’ve seen an increase in shopper conversion and customer trust,” says Matt Rollens, Founder of Dragon Glassware. “The Buy with Prime app for Shopify will help us spend less time managing Buy with Prime outside of our Shopify admin and more time optimizing other areas of our business. We’re excited to see Amazon release this app in Shopify’s App Store to introduce this merchant experience.”


Ready to add Buy with Prime to your Shopify site?

Get the Buy with Prime app for Shopify

The Buy with Prime app for Shopify offers both new and existing Buy with Prime merchants:

  • Quick and easy setup: You can easily integrate the Buy with Prime button into your existing Shopify checkout and automatically match your existing theme with no changes to the shopper experience. The Buy with Prime button is automatically customized to match the look and feel of your Shopify site product pages, with no manual customization or installation coding needed.
  • If you’re new to Buy with Prime and meet the basic requirements, you can get set up in a handful of steps. If you’re a merchant already offering Buy with Prime on your Shopify site, you can choose to switch to the app. To do so, you first need to deactivate the Buy with Prime button on each of your active products within the merchant console before following the steps to set up the app.
  • Centralized management: You can sync your product catalog, variations, orders, and returns across Buy with Prime and your Shopify site and manage it all within Shopify admin—no toggling between consoles to keep everything up-to-date. The app automatically applies existing promotions, product prices, and tax settings from Shopify for products that offer Buy with Prime. Performance analytics for Buy with Prime products and ads are also available within Shopify admin.
  • Compatible with most popular third-party apps: The app works with most of the industry’s popular third-party apps, such as Google Analytics, Klaviyo, and Zendesk, boosting operational efficiencies and helping you scale with the tools that you prefer. From marketing and social apps to tax and CRM software to analytics plugins, the Buy with Prime app for Shopify works with them all so you don’t miss a beat. This helps you save time and keeps back-end systems in sync seamlessly.
  • Simple shopper checkout: Shoppers that use Buy with Prime to make purchases experience your online store’s existing Shopify checkout flow. They simply sign in to their Amazon account to verify their Prime member status, and the order is automatically populated with the shipping and payment information that’s stored securely in the shopper’s Amazon account. But just like in your existing Shopify checkout flow, shoppers can use gift cards and promotions unique to your store, and Shopify Payments processes their payments.

Growing your business with Buy with Prime

Launched in early 2022, Buy with Prime extends Prime shopping benefits to third-party sites, offering a seamless checkout, fast, free delivery, and easy returns to millions of Prime members. For products that are eligible for Buy with Prime, Prime members can select the Buy with Prime button to check out quickly and securely using their Amazon accounts directly on brands’ sites.

You can offer Prime shopping benefits like free 1–2 day shipping, seven days a week, because Buy with Prime orders are stored and delivered through Amazon’s fulfillment network. By streamlining fulfillment and giving Prime members another way to shop, Buy with Prime can help you grow your ecommerce businesses. In fact, it’s been shown to increase shopper conversion by 25% on average*. (This data point measures the average increase in shoppers who placed an order when Buy with Prime was an available purchase option versus when it was not, during the same time period.)

Sherpani, a bag and luggage brand that hosts its ecommerce store on Shopify, has seen a 23% increase in shopper conversion and an uptick in new customers. “After trying a number of ways to increase shopper conversion and build genuine relationships with our shoppers, we can confidently say that activating Buy with Prime on our website has been the most impactful,” says Alexis Beuning, DTC Sales and Brand Manager for Sherpani. “We’re excited to continue growing as a merchant offering Buy with Prime, and the new native integration is going to make the day-to-day management of Buy with Prime easier for our Shopify site.”

If you’re interested in learning more, go to the Buy with Prime app for Shopify page. Or, if you’re ready to add Buy with Prime to your Shopify site, download the new app in the Shopify App Store.

Ready to add Buy with Prime to your Shopify site?

Get the Buy with Prime app for Shopify

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