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Amazon customer service, now for your customers

Offer 24/7 live chat support for order-related queries with Buy with Prime Assist.


In a world where customer service is a major competitive differentiator, delivering high-quality round-the-clock support is no longer a nice-to-have. Rather, it has become a strategic must-have to stay ahead of the curve—and simply what today’s customers expect. But with talent sourcing challenges and the rising costs of labor associated with managing an in-house customer service team, it’s difficult for the average merchant to meet the needs of their always-on, digital savvy customers.

But with customer obsession in our DNA and Amazon’s best-in-class customer service as our backbone, Buy with Prime is helping merchants like you meet those needs with Buy with Prime Assist. The feature allows you to offer 24/7 real-time customer service to Prime members who have checked out on your ecommerce site using Buy with Prime. They can get the help they need, when they need it—even weekends and holidays—while freeing up time and resources that you can dedicate to growing your business.

Buy with Prime Assist delegates customer service for Buy with Prime order-related queries to trained representatives to offer round-the-clock, human-assisted customer service through live chat—no bots—while maintaining the look and feel of your brand. This means that you don’t need a dedicated Buy with Prime customer service team in-house to handle customer queries related to Buy with Prime purchases, helping you save on customer service costs. If customers have questions about your brand or products, they are directed to your customer service email, allowing you to speak to your brand and products in your own brand voice.

“Buy with Prime Assist can help improve customer satisfaction by offering 24/7 real-time support and faster issue resolution on live chat,” says Amit Nandy, Sr. Manager and Product Lead for Buy with Prime Assist. “It saves business owners time and resources for services that can be outsourced without incurring incremental cost. Buy with Prime Assist can reduce up-front, high fixed-cost investments to allow businesses to scale their customer service operations.”


What does this mean for you?

  • Reduce operational overhead. Customer service representatives handle any Buy with Prime order-related queries, while any brand or product questions are directed to your customer service team. This allows your team to focus only on queries that require brand or product expertise. For queries related to a Buy with Prime order, such as status, shipment tracking, or returns, a customer service rep handles them on your behalf. The reduced operational overhead means more time and resources to focus on other areas of your business.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. Buy with Prime Assist ensures Buy with Prime customers can get help at any time—in their time zone, any day of the week. Live customer service representatives are always on so you don’t have to be, helping resolve queries faster and keeping customers delighted.
  • Retain customer connections. Tap customer service data and insights that can help you nurture relationships and build brand loyalty. You can contact merchant support (also available through live chat) to request customer service reports and analytics that can help you understand why your customers are reaching out. This can inform product and business decisions, as well as help you nurture relationships with customers.
  • Get started with no setup or additional cost. Buy with Prime Assist is the default customer service solution for Buy with Prime merchants and is already active, whether you’re already using Buy with Prime or you’re just now signing up. There’s no additional cost to use it, giving you the freedom to scale as your business grows with Buy with Prime without worrying about increasing customer service costs. If you prefer to provide your own customer service for Buy with Prime orders, you can contact merchant support to opt out.

For Wyze, a smart home device maker that has seen a 25% conversion uplift since adding Buy with Prime to its site, the reduced overhead and customer satisfaction have been the biggest benefits. “We use Buy with Prime Assist live chat to handle hundreds of customer service requests related to Buy with Prime orders, from order status to help with returns,” says Cat Hooper, Wyze Customer Service Manager. “The data speaks for itself. We estimate the support savings from Buy with Prime Assist to be in the thousands of dollars every month for our site. It’s also a great experience for our customers because we know that we can rely on Amazon’s fast and efficient issue resolution for Buy with Prime orders.”


How does Buy with Prime Assist work?

Customers who check out on your site using Buy with Prime can get help or questions answered about their order using a live chat feature. They can initiate a chat through their Buy with Prime order confirmation email or through their Amazon account on the Buy with Prime Orders page. From either location, they select the topic related to their query, and then choose “Start chat.” Based on their order information and the topic selected, the customer is either directed to a live customer service representative or to your customer service email.

For example, if a Prime member browsing your site has a question about the features of a camera that you sell, they are directed to you. If they’ve already purchased that camera from your site using Buy with Prime and want to know when they can expect delivery, the customer service rep has you covered. The customer can share details and add attachments within the chat feature. And all query details and correspondence is saved for your reference.

“Buy with Prime Assist has significantly benefited Briogeo’s customer service operations and Buy with Prime customers by streamlining and enhancing issue resolution,” says Gaby Ross, a Customer Experience team member at Briogeo. “It reduces the number of queries from Buy with Prime customers, saving on customer service costs associated with handling those queries. Because Amazon is handling queries 24/7, they’re addressed promptly and more efficiently.” (Check out Briogeo’s Buy with Prime collection page for great products shipped fast.)

To learn more about Buy with Prime Assist and other customer service solutions, go to the knowledge center. You can also learn about merchant support solutions.

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