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7 unique gifts with fast, free delivery

Shop memorable gifts, from practical to fun, and all of them available using Buy with Prime.


With fall in full force, there’s no better time to start checking items off your holiday shopping gift list than now. But holiday shopping can be hard. Maybe you’re tired of giving your friend a plant every year or your dad yet another set of flannel pajamas. That’s why we curated a collection of unique gifts available with the seamless checkout and fast, free delivery of Buy with Prime. Some are practical and convenient, while others are just fun, why-not gifts. And if your friends and family aren’t as excited about them as you are, returns are easy and free on eligible items. So kick off your holidays early, and remember to look for the blue Buy with Prime button at checkout.

1. Pickleball Central: For those who are low-key sporty

Does someone you know love to lob things over a net, but doesn’t have the knees for tennis? Pickleball is the answer. Pickleball is suddenly everywhere, and people of all ages are jumping in on the craze. To fully enjoy it you need the right equipment though, and Pickleball Central has you covered with its wide selection of rackets in colorful designs. Whoever you gift this to will think of you with each backhand.


2. Saxx: For those who seek comfort everywhere

We’ll keep this one brief, so to speak. It’s time to ditch the tidy-whiteys and upgrade to something more elevated. Saxx underwear is known for its patented BallPark pouch technology that reduces friction and allows for natural movement. People joke about not wanting underwear for Christmas, but they’ll be happy about these landing in their stocking. Don’t underestimate the power of a breathable pair of undies!

3. The Woobles: For those who are creative and crafty

Amigurumi is the Japanese art form of crocheting small creatures out of yarn or thread. The practice is now popular around the world, making The Woobles a great gift for someone who’s curious about crochet but doesn’t know where to start. This brand makes crocheting simple with step-by-step instructions and easy-to-handle materials. The best part is ending up with the cutest tiny penguin or bunny that can be cherished.


4. Ember: For the person who gives it their all every time

A self-warming coffee cup might just be the best part of waking up. Ember coffee mugs are rechargeable using a built-in battery, meaning you can keep your morning latte nice and hot for more than an hour. This smart coffee mug is a thoughtful gift for those who are inseparable from their warm cup of joe, and hate having to brew a new pot whenever they want a fresh cup. Plus they get to feel like they’re on The Jetsons with every sip.

5. Baketivity: For those who love the sweet life

Baking can be a mess. Dirty bowls, sticky measuring cups, and flour all over the countertop. Baketivity takes some of the mess out of baking with portioned ingredients that come in an innovative baking kit. For those with little ones, it’s the quintessential rainy day activity. An entertaining way to make memories, and a yummy way to snack? Yes, please.


6. Popsockets: For those who want to get a grip

You can add these accessories to the back of a phone to make texting, scrolling, and snapping selfies a breeze. Gone are the slow-motion fumbles as your phone slips out of your hand and smacks into the pavement. These Popsockets mean you can hang on to your phone no matter what you’re doing. And with an endless selection of designs, you can pick the one that fits your personality.

7. Osmo: For those who love to learn

When it comes to helping kids learn and develop new skills, it’s best to get hands-on. Osmo combines the tangible with the digital through play sets that include physical number tiles and online games. Kids can learn about reading, math, and critical thinking with an award-winning curriculum. These games and puzzles get kids off of their devices and teach them how to engage with technology in a way that’s enriching and joyful.

Get ahead of the holidays this year, and shop these unique gifts and more with your Prime shopping benefits beyond Amazon when you check out using Buy with Prime.

Anita Little