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5 tips to help your shoppers understand how to use Buy with Prime

Tips to help you drive shopper engagement with your Buy with Prime products on your ecommerce site.


Did you know a majority of consumers are open to trying out new brands and products—just like yours! According to a study by NeilsenIQ, 29% of shoppers are “trendsetters” and say they enjoy being the first to try new things, 40% are “innovation seekers” and say they try to look out for new products. Only 6% stick to the routine in shopping.

That’s the good news. But then comes the difficult part: attracting these engaged trendsetters and innovation seekers to your ecommerce site. So, how can you make these shoppers aware of your brand, your site, and your products.

That’s where Buy with Prime can help. We asked some of our in-house experts for tips to help shoppers understand how to use Buy with Prime on your site. Below are some best practices we uncovered:

1. Create a collection page

A collection page is the best way to showcase the products shoppers can purchase using Buy with Prime on your site. These pages make it easy for shoppers to discover which products come with fast, free delivery and a secure, easy checkout experience. Adding a Buy with Prime collection page is one of the essential tools for accelerating growth.

It’s important to understand the business case for using collection pages for your Buy with Prime-eligible products. If you have all your product SKUs set up to be eligible for Buy with Prime, then a collection page is not necessary. Alternatively, if you only have a handful of product SKUs available for purchasing using Buy with Prime, a collection page may not deliver the intended experience of driving shopper discovery and exploration.

The collection page from BEING shows how you can add context and branding to help customers understand the shopping benefits and products eligible to purchase using Buy with Prime.

A best practice for your Buy with Prime collection page is making it easily findable on your site. You can link to it using a CTA on your homepage hero image, add it to the top-level navigation, or try a sitewide notification banner to promote your Buy with Prime products. .

For additional examples of how brands encourage Prime members to explore Buy with Prime products, visit the home pages of Yoobi or Fenrici.

2. Clearly explain the benefits

Help shoppers understand the benefits of using Buy with Prime by explaining how they can get fast, free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Make clear that Prime members can use the information stored in their Amazon account to checkout securely on your site. Informing shoppers helps to set their expectations can lead to more conversions for you.

We recommend including a FAQ in a drop-down overview or a pop-up on your Buy with Prime product description page or collection page.

We’ve developed a FAQ with common shopper questions you can use on your own site. It covers questions such as “What is Buy with Prime and how does it work?” and “How do I make a purchase using my Prime benefits?” You can view and reuse these FAQs on our Buy with Prime shopper page.

“FAQs are incredibly important not just for setting expectations. A Buy with Prime FAQ is a powerful tool to engage and educate shoppers,” says Audrey Han, Art Director for Buy with Prime. “Once shoppers learn they can shop your site with the trust of Prime, they’re more likely to complete the purchase on your site.”

3. Tap into the marketing toolkit

Trust is important for consumers. According to a PYMNTS 2022 survey, 84% of respondents “who highly trust their online merchants have been buying from them for more than a year.” The Buy with Prime marketing toolkit can help drive shopper interest in your products with the trust of Prime, using the Buy with Prime badge in your marketing.

Our toolkit offers best practices to help you get the most out of Buy with Prime. From fonts and color schemes to the most effective badge placements on product detail pages, the toolkit is designed to give you everything you need to build trust with Prime members on your site.

Whether you’re engaging shoppers through search, social, or email, adding the Buy with Prime badge to your marketing mix offers a familiar signal shoppers trust and a new reason for them to visit your store.

“Consistency is key in brand marketing,” explains Audrey. “A consistent Buy with Prime signal across your marketing channels and your product pages means you are building a trustworthy and convenient brand experience—and driving shopper awareness to your Buy with Prime products.”

Using the Buy with Prime badge, messaging, assets, and placement can help increase your conversions and elevate your marketing efforts. Note, the marketing toolkit and brand guidelines are only available to brands with active Buy with Prime products on their site.

4. Level up your Store on

Applying the same principles that make a good Buy with Prime collection page on your site, create a consistent Buy with Prime page for your Store on

Refresh your knowledge of the basics of building a store on Seller Central and discover a few in-depth resources for selling on, including a tool to manage customer engagement.

“By featuring Buy with Prime products for Amazon shoppers to engage with on your Amazon Store, you are building a lead funnel: shoppers become aware of your products on, and giving them a reason to visit your ecommerce site with trust of Prime, offering fast, free delivery, and a convenient checkout experience they know,” says Audrey.

5. Spread the word

Tap into all of your marketing channels to spread the word about your Buy with Prime products. As you learn more about your customers and their preferences, nurture lasting relationships by reaching out to them with personalized messages featuring product updates or exciting new Buy with Prime products.

Don’t forget to educate your own customer service team about the benefits of Buy with Prime, and give them the tools to answer customer inquiries. Learn more about Buy with Prime customer service in our knowledge center.

Remember that the trendsetters and innovators are on the lookout for new products. Adding Buy with Prime products to your site can help you lean into these engaged shoppers’ desire for the latest and greatest your site can offer.

Learn more about Buy with Prime and discover new brands offering Buy with Prime.

John Kultgen