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Harness the power of Buy with Prime and Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator to delight your customers and further empower your brand.

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What is Buy with Prime?

Buy with Prime is designed for businesses interested in growing their own ecommerce brand beyond Buy with Prime helps merchants like you convert shoppers with the trust of Prime, the promise of fast, free delivery, and a trusted checkout experience that millions of shoppers love. Prime members just need to look for the Buy with Prime button when shopping directly at participating online stores to enjoy Prime shopping benefits.

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How does Buy with Prime help ecommerce growth?
Buy with Prime empowers you to accelerate your ecommerce business by offering Prime shopping benefits on your site. Merchants experienced, on average, a 25%1 increase in shopper conversion by offering the trust of Prime, fast, free delivery, transparent delivery times, easy returns, and a checkout experience that millions of shoppers trust.

1This data point is from a sample of 37 merchants with average monthly web traffic between 5k and 3M, and measures the average increase in shoppers who placed an order when Buy with Prime was an available purchase option versus when it was not, during the same time period.

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Why Buy with Prime and the Black Business Accelerator?
Merchants have found success by leveraging both Buy with Prime and Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator, which is dedicated to building sustainable growth for Black-owned businesses. Entrepreneurs can join a robust network of support, attract Prime members to their sites, and benefit from marketing that expands the reach of their brand.
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Hear directly from the Black Business Accelerator merchants who are benefiting from Buy with Prime.
Since implementing Buy with Prime, we’ve had an increase in first-time orders. It streamlines the buying process and simplifies the whole transaction. Customers know that Amazon will get their order to them in a timely manner.
Mary Ware, Founder, Minimo Skin Essentials
More than 75% of the orders on my ecommerce website are now through Buy with Prime. I was able to implement best practices like a collection page so that it would be easier for Prime members to find products offering Buy with Prime on my sites.
Sylvia Chimhina, Founder, Enclare and Ruwaa Nutrition
When shoppers see that Prime smile logo and the Buy with Prime badge, they know the experience that they’re going to get. There’s less hesitation and doubt. For a small business, it’s an important innovation.
Savannah Mitchell, Founder, Sunday Morning Coffee Company