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  • Quick start guide: Learn more about email notifications

    Email notifications help you easily communicate with your customers. These email notifications simplify communication for processing changes to customer orders and responding to their inquiries. You as the Owner also receive an email for all notifications/requests made on your business account.

Email notifications FAQ

Get answers to common questions about email notifications.
    • Order confirmation
    • Return confirmation
    • Order tracking (rejected, on-hold, on the way, out for delivery, delivery attempt, undeliverable, delivered, available for pick up)
    • Refund denied
    • Refunded
    • Order unfulfillable
    • Order management (custom note for your customer)
    • User account verification
    • New device login
    • User account compromised
    • Password changed
    • Business account created
    • Forgot password
    • Seller Central account status
    • New order placed
    • Refund failed
    • Buy with Prime welcome email
    • Import from Amazon update
    • Order unfulfillable
  • This feature isn't supported.

  • The ability to opt out of the default emails isn't supported.

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