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  • Quick start guide: Learn more about checkout

    What is checkout?

    Shoppers will use checkout to purchase items after clicking the Buy with Prime button on your direct to consumer (DTC) site. After completing a purchase, customers will be directed to a thank you page with confirmation of their order and will also receive an email confirming their order. 

Checkout FAQ

Get answers to common questions about Buy with Prime checkout.
  • Shoppers will use Amazon Pay for Buy with Prime, which will verify their Prime status and use their stored payment method and shipping address from their Amazon account.

  • To learn more, go to Set up Buy with Prime, and then the FAQ section.

    • Buy with Prime checks inventory levels for an item when a shopper clicks the Buy with Prime button then proceeds to the checkout page and again when the shopper clicks Place order. If an item isn't available, a notification is displayed on the checkout page informing the shopper that the item isn’t available with Prime and offering them to return to your site to purchase the item.
    • Buy with Prime reserves inventory for 10 minutes when a shopper clicks Place order on the checkout page. If the order isn't successfully completed with payment confirmation after 10 minutes, the reserved inventory is released.
    • Buy with Prime automatically calculates the Prime one-day or two-day delivery promise based on Amazon's fulfillment services capabilities.
    • If a shopper selects or enters a non-US or unsupported shipping address, an error is displayed on the checkout page. To learn more, go to Shipment tracking, and then the Quick start guide section.
  • Yes. A shopper can select or enter a different shipping address than the pre-populated address by clicking on the address section on the checkout page, where they’ll be routed to the address page of their Amazon account to select or enter a different address. Amazon Pay will validate a new shopper-entered address to verify that it follows the proper format. Note: The newly added shipping address will be stored in the customer’s Amazon account address book.

  • If you provide a logo in merchant console, it’ll be displayed on the checkout and thank you pages and order confirmation email. You can't further customize these pages or order confirmation email.

  • Abandoned orders happen when shoppers initiate the checkout process but then abandon it without completing the order. Data about abandoned Buy with Prime orders isn’t provided.

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