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Fulfillment integrations

Set up your fulfillment apps

Since Amazon fulfills Buy with Prime orders automatically, flowing these orders into the following apps can cause these orders to be double-fulfilled by Amazon and another fulfillment provider

  • Order Management System (OMS) solutions
  • Third-party logistics (3PL) apps
  • Your own warehouse system/other order routing apps

To avoid double fulfillment, it’s best practice to exclude Buy with Prime orders in your OMS/3PL setup using the following identifiers:

  • Fulfillment order location: Buy with Prime
  • Shipping speed name or shipping method: Prime Free Shipping
  • Buy with Prime Location ID

Locate your Buy with Prime Location ID

To find your unique Buy with Prime Location ID, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Shopify Admin.
  2. Go to Settings, and then choose Location.
  3. Copy the URL.
  4. Append ".json” to the end of the URL to create a new one. For example,
  5. Enter the new URL in your browser, and then press enter to see the .json code.

Amazon MCF app

If you’re currently using the Amazon MCF app for Shopify, ensure that your app settings support multiple inventory locations. This enables both, MCF and Buy with Prime to support fulfillment on a single SKU. You can find this configuration in Amazon MCF app under Settingsand then Multiple locations.

Set up your fulfillment apps to avoid double fulfillment

OMS/3PL apps usually allow you to configure automatic rules to exclude double fulfillment of Buy with Prime orders. For apps that don’t allow you to exclude Buy with Prime orders, contact your OMS provider support team before activating Buy with Prime.

To configure your fulfillment apps to exclude Buy with Prime orders:


  1. Go to Settings, then choose Add Automation Rules, and then Create a Rule.
  2. Set up an automation rule using Orders match these specific criteria.
  3. Set up the criteria as follows:
    • Requested Service (Marketplace Value): Prime Free Shipping
    • Action Type: Don’t Import the Order or Hold Until <date> based on your business needs


  1. To deactivate importing Buy with Prime orders to WebBee, open the WebBee app, and then choose the Configuration tab.
  2. On the Shipping Method Settings section, choose Configure.
  3. On orders with the shipping speed name Prime Free Shipping, choose Disable Export to Amazon.


If you route your Shopify orders through Acenda and plan to use Buy with Prime, reach out to to verify that your setup correctly avoids double fulfillment.


No action is required.


  1. On the EasyShip console, go to Connect, and then choose Store name.
  2. For orders with the Buy with Prime tag, choose Exclude Orders by tag.