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Buy with Prime solution for Amazon Retail vendors

Get started with Buy with Prime solution for Amazon Retail vendors

Note: Buy with Prime orders are fulfilled using Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF).


Give your business the flexibility to scale and save on cost with consolidated inbounding of inventory that you sell to Amazon Retail and inventory for Buy with Prime orders on your ecommerce site. You can get started with Buy with Prime faster by requesting to transfer the already inbounded Amazon Retail inventory to your MCF account and then consolidating future Amazon Retail and MCF inventory shipments together. Your Vendor Central catalog listings are loaded automatically when you set up your MCF account.

Get started with Buy with Prime solution for Amazon Retail vendors

There are a few ways to get started with Buy with Prime solution for Amazon Retail vendors.


Inventory Sharing

Inventory Sharing allows you to set a ‘target minimum inventory quantity’ for each SKU in your MCF account that has a corresponding ASIN in your Vendor Central account. If the inventory level in your MCF account drops below the target minimum you have set (For example, 3 items), Amazon automatically initiates an inventory transfer request on your behalf. If the inventory transfer doesn’t result in your Amazon Retail inventory dropping below the minimum safety stock level set by your vendor manager, the request is processed to transfer inventory from Amazon Retail to your MCF account.

To get started, provide a ‘minimum inventory quantity’ for your SKUs to your Buy with Prime or MCF sales representative. Your vendor manager will set a minimum safety stock level for that ASIN in your Amazon Retail inventory.

Consolidated Inbounding through Vendor Central

Consolidated inbounding allows you to send inventory you own with inventory you sold to Amazon in one shipment through Vendor Central. You can save time and money with streamlined inbounding across your Amazon Retail and MCF inventory that keeps you in control of what you send to your MCF account.

Catalog Loading

Vendor Central linking and catalog autoload

Catalog loading allows you to establish a connection between your MCF account and your Vendor Central (VC) account so that your VC listings are automatic imported into your MCF catalog.


Pay by Invoice

Pay by Invoice (PBI) allows you to pay Buy with Prime and MCF fees through invoices and wire transfer. You get greater flexibility in billing and payment processing for alternative payment types that cover major operating expenses like fulfillment.

Submit an inventory transfer request

You can discuss participating in the Inventory Transfer program with either your Vendor Manager or a Buy with Prime or MCF sales representatives. If they agree to your participation, you can submit your completed Inventory Request form to them, including the ASIN, SKU, unit cost, and quantity requested for the transfer. Any ASIN in your MCF account listed with a Manufacturer Barcode (activated during the Add Catalog process) might be eligible for inventory transfer.

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