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What is the difference between a business account, a user account, and a direct to consumer (DTC) site?

Your business account stores your business details such as your business name, address, and contact phone number. A user account is for an individual with an assigned role that they use to create, manage, or work within their business account. There can be multiple users associated with a business account. Your site is the DTC site where you offer Buy with Prime.

Which roles can I associate with an account?

As the Owner, you can submit requests to the following roles for users associated with your business account:

  • Admin: This role has the same access as your Owner role, with unrestricted access to all pages and tools in the merchant console.
  • Staff: This role has access to all pages of the merchant console except for the Prime and Settings pages that include financial information, billing details, and other Amazon account credentials such as Seller Central and Amazon Pay. Additionally, this role’s access to Catalog page is restricted to viewing and editing product details.
  • Customer service representative: This role has access to pages and tools that are specific to supporting the merchant’s shoppers. For example, they can manage and edit orders and shipments, and process refunds.
  • Developer: This role has access to the Buy with Prime button page that allows developers to create Buy with Prime buttons on their sites.

What happens if my business account is suspended?

Your business account may be suspended due to reasons related to potential fraud or abuse, or violation of our terms and conditions. If this happens, you won’t be able to access your account and the Buy with Prime button will be removed from your site. New Buy with Prime orders won’t be accepted. If your account is suspended, you’ll receive an email notification. If you have any reason to believe that this action was an error, follow the instructions in that email to submit your appeal. Buy with Prime doesn’t charge for services on suspended accounts.

How do I close my business account?

Consider removing the Buy with Prime button from your site before closing your account. Removing the Buy with Prime button will stop new orders and let you process the open orders before your account is permanently closed. To learn more, go to Set up Buy with Prime, and then the Getting started: Manage your Buy with Prime button section. You’ll see steps for turning off the Buy with Prime button for products.

Important: Before requesting a business account closure, ensure you’ve processed all orders, cancelations, returns, and refunds. After the account closure process begins, you can’t offer Buy with Prime on your site until the process is complete.

To close your business account, submit an account closure request using the Get Support tab in the merchant console. You must be the Owner to close a business account. Before you close your account, save your account information and download all associated data because you will lose access to that information after you close your account. After you close your account, the Buy with Prime button will no longer appear on your site, and you and all other users associated with your account will lose access to the merchant console for this business account.

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