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Partner spotlight: 1440

Learn how 1440 can help your ecommerce business grow.


Ecommerce business owners wear a lot of hats, and many owners perform sales, marketing and financing duties simultaneously. It’s a lot!

We know agencies are an important piece to the ever-evolving ecommerce puzzle. From site building to technical integrations to customer support, agencies supplement some of the day-to-day business operations so busy merchants can focus on growing their business.

To help new and existing customers realize the business benefits of adding Buy with Prime to their ecommerce site, we’ve built a community of specialized agencies that they can engage to address some of their biggest pain points.

As the first in a series of agency spotlights, we’d like to introduce you to 1440, a Buy with Prime Agency Partner.

1440 helps automate repeatable business functions

Led by Founder and CEO, Jon Jessup, 1440 is on a mission to help business leaders take back time by giving them the tools to automate and enhance their business operations.

Jon and his team help businesses think about the moments that matter most, and provides them with a full suite of solutions built natively on Salesforce. Three solutions offered by 1440 include:

  • Commerce Studio: Order and logistics management to help multi-channel retailers deliver compelling customer experiences.
  • Reputation Studio: Integration suite that consolidates reviews from nearly any channel, allowing brands to monitor, respond and analyze reviews in one place.
  • Messaging Studio: Salesforce hub that allows customer support agents to manage multi-lingual conversations across messaging channels.

1440 and Buy with Prime

We understand the complexities and challenges facing today’s ecommerce business leaders.

Internal Amazon research indicates that 59% of ecommerce site owners cited “difficulty driving traffic” as their biggest pain point. Other challenges facing online brands include reducing cart abandonment, driving more sales, simplifying fulfillment, and streamlining business operations.

That’s where Buy with Prime Agency Partners come in. 1440 is an agency with a deep understanding of what online shoppers expect and how Buy with Prime can help ecommerce businesses meet shoppers where they are. Learn more about how 1440 can help you get started with Buy with Prime.

What’s new from 1440?

We recently talked to Jon and his team about some of the top challenges facing today’s B2C brands. During our conversation, Jon shared his perspective on the importance for brands to rethink the data feeds they’re using to build relationships with customers. Three key themes emerged:

  • Brands that prioritize data collected about shopper behaviors are better positioned to build lasting relationships with customers and deliver personalized experience.
  • Consumer expectations are a moving target, but most online shoppers expect fast, low-cost (ideally free) shipping, easy returns and a simple checkout experience.
  • Buy with Prime offers a new way for ecommerce businesses to meet customer expectations by bringing the Prime shopping experience to stores beyond

Read more about the top challenges facing today’s B2C brands from 1440.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Buy with Prime Agency Partner.

Kelby Johnson