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Case study: Premo Guard

When desperate shoppers need pest-control solutions fast, Buy with Prime helps Premo Guard deliver.

increase in shopper conversion after adding Reviews from Amazon
increase in revenue per visitor after adding Reviews from Amazon
in AOV after adding Buy with Prime cart

When bed bugs or lice strike, time is of the essence as consumers race against the clock to find a solution while the pests multiply. But consumers can find themselves up against additional challenges: What kind of product do I need? What brand can I trust, with safe products that actually work? And how can I get them fast?

Premo Guard prides itself in all of these areas, developing safe, natural pest-control products and using its ecommerce site and customer service team to educate and support shoppers along their journey. It currently produces and sells nearly 20 all-natural products that truly work—the proof is in studies by the University of Florida and in Premo Guard’s thousands of Amazon reviews. The company uses Reviews from Amazon to display those reviews directly on its ecommerce site, helping build shopper trust in the brand and products.

Since adding its Amazon reviews to, the company has seen a 74.8% increase in shopper conversion and a 45.4% increase in revenue per visitor.

In addition to Reviews from Amazon, Premo Guard offers Buy with Prime on its site, which allows the company to deliver on that last challenge—getting much-needed solutions to consumers quickly. Premo Guard can ship products to its customers as fast as one day because Buy with Prime orders are fulfilled by Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment.

“The customers that we’re dealing with aren’t just everyday customers—they’re desparate for a solution right away,” says Shane Smith, Founder and COO of Premo Guard. “They need relief, so they want something that they can trust is going to work, and is also delivered fast.”


Pest control with the trust of Amazon

In a niche, often stigmatized industry like bedbug and lice control, establishing trust is paramount. Consumers want to know that the products are safe to use, without compromising their effectiveness. That’s why Shane launched Premo Guard in the first place. “I wanted to come up with a more natural bug-control product without the harsh chemicals,” he says. “There are a lot of concerns about what’s good for the environment and what’s good for our health, so we came up with a natural product that actually works.”

Premo Guard has a strong presence on, while its ecommerce site is where the brand story, product expertise, and customer relationships can truly shine. With Buy with Prime, the company can maintain its brand, while offering a familiar Prime shopping experience that millions trust.

“People are used to shopping on, so when they see the familiar logo on our site, their trust and confidence in the product is elevated,” Shane explains. “Having Buy with Prime on our own website gives us added credibility. It shows shoppers that we’re a trusted brand.” Premo Guard uses the Buy with Prime cart widget on its site, which has also helped the company increase average order value (AOV). In A/B testing that the company conducted, Premo Guard found that shoppers are more likely to purchase more products that offer Buy with Prime when they can add them to a cart and check out in one transaction.


For products that offer Buy with Prime, the team added Reviews from Amazon directly on product pages on its ecommerce site to give shoppers easy access to the company’s thousands of reviews. The authentic Amazon reviews from customers who have used Premo Guard’s products help shoppers make informed purchase decisions.

“People trust Amazon reviews,” Shane says, “so the ability to add Amazon reviews onto our site is a game-changer because now shoppers have that social proof.”

Premo Guard also conducted an A/B test of Reviews from Amazon on its products that offer Buy with Prime. The randomized test presented one-half of site visitors with product pages that displayed Amazon reviews, and one-half with pages that lacked the reviews, during the same period. The results: Products with Reviews from Amazon saw a 74.8% increase in shopper conversion, while revenue per visitor increased 45.4%.

“The test showed that Reviews from Amazon gives people confidence,” Shane says. “They can see other people who have been in similar circumstances and found that this product works.”


Quick pest relief with fast, free delivery

When Prime members see the Buy with Prime badge and Prime delivery promise on Premo Guard’s products, they know that they’ll get free 1–2 day shipping. This is especially important for consumers who are dealing with bug infestations.

“Often when shoppers call or write us with questions, they’re in a desperate state because, as you can imagine, bugs can cause so many issues,” Shane explains. “They’ve been tormented for days or even weeks, so they need something yesterday, basically.”

Because Premo Guard’s products are distributed across the country in Amazon fulfillment centers, Amazon “can deliver that product overnight in some cases,” he points out. “The faster we can get that product to the customer, the faster they can get relief and some peace of mind.”

On the business side, the Premo Guard team can rest assured that Amazon will handle the fulfillment and customers will receive their products quickly. Because its products are also sold on, Amazon uses one pool of inventory for those orders and orders placed on using Buy with Prime.

“By having Amazon fulfill Buy with Prime orders for us, we don’t have to worry about shipping and we know that orders are going to get to our customers—and get there fast,” Shane says. “That frees us up to focus on what we’re good at. It allows us to use money in other areas and develop more, better products for people.”

Education and customer relations

Because of the unique nature of its products and of the overall industry, Premo Guard has invested a lot in educating and supporting its customers. Before purchase, the customer service team is ready for any questions that shoppers might have. And after purchase, they’re there to help customers use and find success in Premo Guard products. The team even reaches out to every customer to see how the products are working. “They appreciate that,” Shane says. “Selling through our website allows us to have a more hands-on customer relationship.”


To help more customers at scale, Premo Guard uses Klaviyo for its email marketing and nurture campaigns. Using the Klaviyo for Buy with Prime app, Buy with Prime order and customer information is automatically synced with Klaviyo. The integration allows Premo Guard to reengage shoppers who abandoned their Buy with Prime checkout and nurture relationships with customers who did check out.

“It’s encouraging to see that Buy with Prime integrates well with Klaviyo,” Shane says. “When someone makes a purchase using Buy with Prime, they automatically get a thank you email and how-to PDF. So right away, we’re developing trust with them by helping the customer use that product correctly and making sure that they’re getting the results that they hope for.”

Because Premo Guard keeps Buy with Prime order and customer information, the team can create audience segments and personalized outreach campaigns in Klaviyo to help drive sales and increase lifetime value. They often reach out to previous customers when Premo Guard releases new products or improves existing ones.

Control of customer information and the integration with Klaviyo further support the team’s efforts of building trust and relationships with customers. “That’s usually one of the biggest things that people say is missing in business, the customer relationship,” Shane says. “But that’s important to us—the customer relationship, building a customer base, building brand loyalty.”


Lindsay Holloway