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Case study: iHealth

Buy with Prime is helping iHealth on its mission to empower people to live healthier lives.

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Increase in shopper conversion on
Increase in revenue per visitor

When it comes to personal health, consumers don’t want to compromise quality or time. They want access to high-quality healthcare products and resources at a moment’s notice. That’s the belief at the core of iHealth’s innovative healthcare products. When the company launched in 2010, it wanted to not only provide more people with access to necessary healthcare tools, but also make it easier for people to live healthier lives.

Since launching, the company developed the first Bluetooth-connected blood pressure monitor compatible with iOS devices, has innovated upon glucose monitors, body analysis scales, and thermometers, and built an integrated digital health ecosystem with a free mobile app. “Every product that we create is done with the vision of empowering people to live healthier lives,” says Shirley Ng, PR Manager at iHealth.“ But it’s not just buying a product—it really is managing their health. So it’s important for us and for the life of our customers to help them through the journey of managing their health.”

Helping every consumer through that health journey means being available wherever they shop. Many of its products are best-sellers on, but iHealth wanted to increase sales on its ecommerce site. So the team added Buy with Prime to offer Prime shopping benefits directly on iHealth’s site. Using Buy with Prime, iHealth customers with Prime memberships can place orders easily and securely, and get them delivered quickly. The increased trust and convenience from Buy with Prime has helped the company boost shopper conversion by 22.2% and revenue per visitor by an impressive 81.1%.


Healthcare with fast, free delivery

“When a customer isn’t feeling well, they want to be able to order products from iHealth and have them delivered fast,” Shirley says. “So expedited shipping is an essential feature to have on our website.”

This has been particularly important during the past few years as the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved, with new variants and case spikes abruptly increasing demand for iHealth’s COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Tests.

As a leading-supplier of at-home COVID-19 antigen rapid tests for the US and state governments, “iHealth has been at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19,” said iHealth CEO Jack Feng on the company’s blog. “Our commitment has been to bring at-home COVID-19 tests to more people as quickly as possible.”

With greater production capacity in its year-old facility and Buy with Prime available for its tests online, iHealth can live up to that commitment—for tests and all of its products. When a symptom strikes, Prime members can get the health products that they need shipped free in as fast as one day when they check out using Buy with Prime directly on

“For our customers, it’s a sense of relief knowing that they’re going to get something when they need it,” Shirley says. “The customer gets the order in 1–2 days and shipped for free, but for us, we actually pay less in shipping costs with Buy with Prime. So lower shipping costs for us, yet faster shipping time for customers. It’s a win-win.”

Because iHealth was already selling its products on, it can use that same pool of inventory at Amazon fulfillment centers for its Buy with Prime orders. Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment picks, packs, and ships Buy with Prime orders, providing merchants with 1–2 day expedited shipping at rates comparable to 3–5 day standard ground shipping.

iHealth product page featuring Buy with Prime products

Earned trust in the healthcare industry

Earning consumer trust can be difficult for any brand, but it’s an even greater challenge for healthcare product makers because consumers want access to healthcare products, but they don’t necessarily trust the greater healthcare industry. According to Salesforce’s latest “Connected Health Consumer Report,” 69% of consumers want new ways to get existing products and services in this post-pandemic era, while only 23% of consumers say they completely trust the health industry.

iHealth has managed to stay ahead of the pack in both regards, finding innovative ways to help consumers with their health and earning trust with its quality products and online shopping experience.

It has earned the trust of the US government and many customers on with its award-winning, FDA-approved products, but consumers naturally hold companies like iHealth to a higher standard. “Because of the nature of the products that we make as a healthcare technology company, there’s a higher threshold to gain consumer trust,” Shirley explains. “So that’s why it’s super important for us to make the whole process on our website seamless.”

She emphasizes the level of trust consumers have with the Amazon and Prime brands, so “it’s a big plus to have that instant recognition when they see Buy with Prime on our site,” she says. “It builds consumer trust in our products and lets them know that they can count on us when they need something.”
On top of the increased conversion and revenue, the convenience and trust customers see in Buy with Prime has helped iHealth increase average order value (AOV). The team worked with Buy with Prime to conduct A/B testing and found that AOV was higher for orders placed using Buy with Prime cart, compared to orders placed when Buy with Prime cart wasn’t available


Healthy relationships to further growth

Looking ahead, the iHealth team sees longer-term benefits of offering Buy with Prime, including being able to nurture customer relationships and build customer lifetime value. When customers have a positive experience using Buy with Prime on iHealth’s site, “it builds customer loyalty,” Shirley says. “It makes them more likely to buy with us in the future, knowing that they can trust the Buy with Prime standard. It leads them to come back to the iHealth site over and over again because they know that they can use Buy with Prime every time that they need to get something fast.”

And because iHealth keeps customer and order information from Buy with Prime orders, the team can connect with customers directly with personalized messaging and nurture campaigns. iHealth can also use the Buy with Prime badge in its marketing materials and across its marketing channels to signal to Prime members that it offers a shopping experience that they know and love.

“Customer loyalty is super important for us,” Shirley says, so iHealth has long invested in building its brand and own ecommerce site. The company also has a prominent presence on, with a dedicated Store and a number of best-sellers.

“Being able to retain customer order information from Buy with Prime allows us to build direct relationships with our customers to continue gaining their trust and loyalty,” she adds. “We’re then able to offer them the latest and greatest products as we continue to empower people to live healthier lives.”

As iHealth continues on that mission, Shirley and the team can feel confident that their customers won’t have to compromise quality or time when it comes to their health. iHealth can focus on creating high-quality products for consumers, while Buy with Prime helps get those products to the people who need them, when they need them.


Lindsay Holloway