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Agency spotlight: Media.Monks

Learn about how this Buy with Prime Partner can help transform your approach to ecommerce.


When it comes to growing and maintaining a successful ecommerce business, owners can’t do it alone. That’s where agencies come in. Businesses often enlist agencies skilled in the ecommerce trade to supercharge their trajectory and keep their roadmap viable in the ever-changing landscape of online selling. Agencies partner with online brands of all sizes to identify and fix pain points.

At Buy with Prime, we’ve fostered a community of specialized ecommerce agencies to help ecommerce brands grow. And as part of our ongoing series, we’re spotlighting Media.Monks, a Buy with Prime Partner. Here’s how they use their expertise to make the ecommerce journey easier.

Scaling marketing pipelines and creating sustainable growth

The Media.Monks team is comprised of experts across multiple industries, and the agency partners with some of the world’s most innovative companies, top tech brands and growing direct-to-consumer brands. Media.Monks helps businesses own their data, transform their digital marketing and build better customer experiences. Billing itself as a “growth and transformation partner,” they focus on what’s best for their merchants and their long-term success.

The agency has 15 years of experience in advising Amazon sellers — imparting knowledge to merchants on how to thrive on and off the platform. Some of the services they offer include:

  • Paid media strategy: Ensuring you get the most out of your ad spend.
  • Creative recommendations: Distilling your brand’s voice on your website and other owned platforms.
  • Data analysis: Tracking your ecommerce goals and deciding what metrics matter for success.

Innovating how online businesses approach ecommerce

As ecommerce marketplaces continue to grow, many brands find it increasingly vital to sell through these marketplace channels to remain competitive. Online marketplaces offer extensive reach and convenience, but they also come with certain limitations. Merchants can end up with limited control over the customer experience and the brand image. That’s why a brand’s own ecommerce site can be a powerful tool. It allows brands to have more say when it comes to the customer journey and brand messaging.

The team at Media.Monks firmly believes that it’s crucial for merchants to own their data. By leveraging both marketplace and direct-to-consumer channels, brands achieve a balance of scale and control. They can maintain a strong brand image with a seamless, consistent customer experience across all touchpoints, while reaching a large audience. Brands that invest in a comprehensive, multichannel ecommerce strategy are better positioned to achieve long-term success in a competitive environment. By understanding the ecosystem between content, tech, data, and media, Media.Monks aims to achieve incremental growth for merchants.

Collaborating with Buy with Prime to optimize ecommerce conversion

The team at Media.Monks sees Buy with Prime as a compelling opportunity for brands to elevate the shopping experience. Brands can grow by using their ecommerce site to build brand equity, but still benefit from Amazon’s fulfillment capabilities and the Prime member audience. Prime members have the expectation of fast, free delivery, easy returns and a trusted checkout experience, and Buy with Prime helps make that expectation possible for ecommerce sites. With a well-executed strategy, brands can increase their visibility and reach, build strong customer relationships, and ultimately drive growth on and beyond

By partnering with Media.Monks, merchants gain access to the agency’s expertise and industry-leading technology. The agency works to ensure that brands maximize the full potential of Buy with Prime. Data analysis is one of Media.Monks’ specialties, and by monitoring site performance, such as web traffic, conversion rates, and customer feedback, they’re able to provide valuable insights. This includes A/B testing to evaluate performance. Suppose a business has already added Buy with Prime to their site. Media.Monks would recommend looking at performance lift across several SKUs over a certain time period. It’s essential to measure how Buy with Prime is driving lifts in shopper conversion rate and driving overall growth.

Together, Media.Monks and Buy with Prime can help save merchants’ time and resources, allowing business owners to focus on what they care about the most: creating and selling great products for their customers.

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Anita Little