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Agency spotlight: Equity Commerce

Learn how Equity Commerce can help you build an online store that stands out


Navigating the ever-changing ecommerce terrain is a challenge to every online brand. Finding the right agencies, figuring out the integrations to streamline business operations, and figuring out the best sales channels to meet customers where they are is hard work.

We know the pain points ecommerce business owners face, and in an effort to help them find some much-needed support, we’ve built a community of specialized agencies to help them grow.

As part of our agency spotlight series, we’d like to introduce you to Equity Commerce, a Buy with Prime Agency Partner.

Equity Commerce helps businesses navigate complexities

Founded by George Westcott, the mantra Equity Commerce uses to help ecommerce businesses is one of adaptation instead of reaction. This philosophy is grounded in the belief that a holistic approach and an omnichannel sales strategy is essential to break through in today’s crowded ecommerce world.

To help its clients understand the interconnections of digital marketplaces and identify the right tactics to achieve their true north star, Equity Commerce offers a suite of services such as:

  • Account audits: AI-powered audits to find gaps and opportunities in business operations, media and ASINs.
  • Managed services: Always-on coverage to help streamline operational, media, and reporting projects using the industry’s best technology.
  • Advertising and retail: Allows businesses to tap into one of the largest network of retail media buying and ad optimization.

Equity Commerce and Buy with Prime

Research from an internal Amazon study found that 59% of ecommerce site owners cited “difficulty driving traffic” as their biggest pain point. But, once they get traffic, many businesses still face challenges such as streamlining business operations, using data to determine return on ad spend (ROAS), among many others.

That’s where Equity Commerce can help. As a Buy with Prime Agency Partner, Equity Commerce is steeped in not only the challenges online brands face but also know how to help them reach the right audiences on the right channel in the right moment. See how Equity Commerce is helping its clients elevate their ecommerce businesses with Buy with Prime.

What’s the latest from Equity Commerce?

We recently chatted with George about some of the challenges online brands face, and he noted that a lot of his clients are struggling with making their ecommerce site stand out in an increasingly crowded market. As we dug into the topic, George shared some best practices for building a differentiated site, including:

  1. Collect, curate and share ratings and reviews. Providing examples of positive reviews and favorable product ratings from consumers helps potential customers not only decide between product options but also to feel confident about a purchasing decision.
  2. Build and strengthen customer trust by creating high-quality product page content. Ensure that every product page communicates clearly and precisely with fresh images, anticipates questions, and accurately and adequately describes the products for sale. And remember, the best product pages are built with search results in mind so include relevant keywords.
  3. Great customer service and quick fulfillment are must-haves. Ensure that your online business includes a customer service team that can answer questions and queries quickly and clearly. Customers love good service and, in many cases, they’re even willing to pay higher prices to get that top level of service.

Visit the Equity Commerce website to get more tips on how to build an ecommerce storefront that stands out.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Buy with Prime Agency Partner.

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